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You've been watching too much tumblr.
SB is right. Those boat Shoes are dope, but then I like scruffy stuff.
ah, sucks. I often do one more rep approx 1 min after a set w. overhand grip and just stand as long as my grip allows. Made some decent grip strength progress this way but chalk is still a lifesaver. Specially on hot days.
Thanks for the answer, Towers. Manlet limit was set here at 6' earlier but I'd think below 180cm is more accurate. Will depend on where you live though. Coz then im not a manlet -edit- TK beat me to it with an awesome chart
Whats a misc'er?
Each to their own.
Love training, hate not being able to eat & drink what ever I want.
First hill sprints in ages (fasted), feels good. When I got home housemates were chillin in the garden with beers. Fuck the rest of my day......
Nice little article on the DL here.
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