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Just had my last training at the gym where it all started and I have been a member for years now. Sad to loose my training bud who has become a good friend Will be moving to London within the month so I'll have to find an acceptable gym there now. Did squat a new PR (150kg) today tho in an ultimate grind.
Cool, my dad works in that business too. Says a lot has changed tho since he started and not for the better. Whisky (and wine) is great fun and requires the same ability. Visited Talisker a few years back; great experience. GL with whatever is next.
Bent-over dumbbell raise and face-pulls?
Nah dude, get a back bicep.
Lifting face to face seems somewhat off-putting. Tmr last day at the gym where I started and have trained for several years now. Moving house. Will need to find new gym buddy. Will probably do big 3 PR attempts as a farewell.
A wise man once told me symmetry is the root of all evil. Doubt he'll ever read this. NOBD will know who i mean though : )
Have fun in A'dam Fuji and stay out of the Regulierdwarsstraat (unless going for cocktails at door 74). PM me if u want any specific tips for places to go. As far as morality goes, 4th person sure, but last resort. Had similar dilemma once and we got 4th person on days notice for 150 quid which seemed fair. gain/loss @50% divided equally. -edit- only reading hendrix's post now. he beat me to it.
Barbie dolls have decent aesthetics tho I agree waywt should be bout clothes tbh but I just don't get half of whats going on there. Melonadejello and his upvotes is a good example.
I don't get SW&D waywhut either. Good to hear its not just me.
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