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Disagree. i had a chat with a guy who makes (cordovan) wallets and the amount of detail and thought that go into into making one may surprised me (a lot).
^ pics? I'd try something that dissolves fats but isn't too aggressive. In my (limited) experience suede doesn't need much maintenance. Just don't spill fatty substances on your suede shoes. (Suede in the kitchen= no go)
Hmm. I will. Might. Probably won't. Curiosity killed the crat.
Oh. Probably a stupid question I should know the answer to myself...... How bad is saltwater for leather shoes? Goin' away for a weekend of off-shore fishing soon and I kinda dont want to take an extra pair of shoes with me. Probably should though, I guess...?
HOW DARE YOU POST PICTURES OF ME ON THE INTERWEBZ WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!Also, I might actually be going the semi-professional route, shoe care wise. had an interesting meet with someone in the business last weekend.
Shirt a bit too short for these low rises. Food for the untucked shirt police.
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