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ftfyAh yes Towers, thats what I suspected.
New guy at my gym yesterday deadlifting 200kg for 7-8 reps. Big guy but not bulky at all; he looked pretty lean. These last few pages now have me wondering if he's on something or not.What did you do on your cut? Keto?Since I switched from RPT to Sheiko (high volume) I'm much more hungry all the time. Seems like I might be joining the fat side after all
Both quoted for truth.About the 'caring for 1RM'; you don't have to be a dedicated powerlifter to enjoy making strength progress. Even though we are all in this for slightly different reasons (size, aesthetics, strength or a combination of these) my guess is that we train because it gives a sense of fulfillment. A new personal best feels good no matter what your goal is.375x9? Strong dude!
Cool veinage. approx 8% now?
My (non-visible) progress over the past 10 months even though I did get stronger.Went from 78 to 80kg @ 182cm.Drop 2% bf and I'll be happy (and yes, even skinny-bitchier). [[SPOILER]]
Great progress in a years time mate, GJ.
Getting serious about lifting kinda distorts ones perspective of normal bodily proportions.I'm fairly content now I've hit the 1000lbs club (skinny manlet and weak compared to most here, I know) and am going to focus on running again. If I can get a little stronger without having to buy a new wardrobe that would be great though.
Agreed on the first part.Yes there are, 12 different cycles in total I think. My buddy and I are starting with the easiest two cycles (#29 and then #37) to do a peak cycle after that (#32).In the 4 weeks of #29 (3 day split) there are a total of 342 squat, 454 bench and 185 DL reps averaging 66%-71% 1RM. As you move on to more advanced cycles volume and intensity slowly increase.I can e-mail the excel sheet with the program, should anyone be interested.PSThe logic of...
Something along the lines of 500g of meat/fish = 100g (chicken, roast beef, shrimp, other fish) 500g quark = 50g 200g cottage cheese 25g 1-2 protein shakes= 40g On training days low-fat milk (1l.) with cornflakes (400g) makes for a nice additional protein source (70g) even though the focus is on carbs (375g).
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