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Patina and black = no.I really like black shoes. When others wear them. Look much better than brown under a suit usually. But I just cant bring myself to buy them an the colour is just, well, plain black..I do think black shell can have a nice 'depth' though. Give them a good polishing but don't overdo it is my advice.Shell is thicker than calf and more 'robust'. Therefore, imo, its more suited for (semi) casual boots than for elegant dress shoes.
Exactly. Shell should shine, but not like a mirror. Probably has something to do with the generally more casual nature of shell shoes.
Oh, hai(Not mine)I agree that a spit shine generally doesn't suit cordovan btw.
Thats onehelluva spit shine mate; nicely done : )
EG Asquith
I just don't get the sockless thing. Its so uncomfortable.
Hope you get this sorted mate!
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