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A (collarless?) linnen shirt.
Yes, Espadrilles by La Manual de Alpargatera [[SPOILER]]
In the (highly unlikely) event this gets a go I'll let you guys know.Somehow I get the feeling that this price list is not supposed to be 'out in the open' though and that if EG were selling their shoes at low(er) prices they'd be doing so from their own shops and not through an internet forum.
JW, the member who obtained the price list, suggested that I organise this project in which case I'd probably receive the payments and take ordrs from members and then make the final payment to EG. Like I said though, I think something may be off and don't want to get too involved with this, not untill there is a little more clarity from EG.
I'm the global mod. over at stijlforum.nl who was asked to organize this 'wholesale' project but, tbh, I'll leave it in the hands of the member who obtained the list.The member who obtained this price list was given it accidentally by an EG employee. He has contacted EG again though and does believe 'we' will be able to purchase at these prices (VAT not included).Personally I seriously doubt that EG will sell directly to customers at anywhere near these ex factory prices...
^ That's Python, not croc.
No, don't hate Birkenstocks : )
Hey! Oh no you didn't! Nice to see more espadriles, Stanly : )
Spoiler coz not sure if MC enough. prolly not. [[SPOILER]]
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