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A wise man once told me symmetry is the root of all evil. Doubt he'll ever read this. NOBD will know who i mean though : )
Have fun in A'dam Fuji and stay out of the Regulierdwarsstraat (unless going for cocktails at door 74). PM me if u want any specific tips for places to go. As far as morality goes, 4th person sure, but last resort. Had similar dilemma once and we got 4th person on days notice for 150 quid which seemed fair. gain/loss @50% divided equally. -edit- only reading hendrix's post now. he beat me to it.
Barbie dolls have decent aesthetics tho I agree waywt should be bout clothes tbh but I just don't get half of whats going on there. Melonadejello and his upvotes is a good example.
I don't get SW&D waywhut either. Good to hear its not just me.
No, leave the jeans; length is perfect for jeans. I'd open another button on the shirt but thats just me. Good stuff.
One thing i did notice squatting high bar today after DL yesterday is that it was relatively easy on my back. After heavy DLs I need more recovery time to be able squat LB. May just be me though. LB still feels way more comfortable and natural.
Don't rly get this whole high bar vs. low bar argument. There are tons of good examples from both camps.
This high bar squatting is gonna take some getting used to but its fun. Form seems better but i had to deload.
Hendrix is spot on.This guy explains it quite well in his vid.http://youtu.be/KfJnXV1604g
PSMF team here since yesterday
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