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I really like Reiter's hunting boots, but we ware wandering off topic. [[SPOILER]]
Unfortunately those aren't mine. I'd love to have them though; fantastic boot.
Hi everyone, I've contacted EG for some clarification and just received an e-mail. I decided to give them a call to discuss the matter. The main outcome is this: - The pice list is several years old and far from accurate at this moment - EG definately has no intention of doing collective deals - There is something strange about the entire story; several factors dont stack up. (Eg. (no pun intended) supposedly the list was given by a Jermyn Street employee with a French...
Hahahaha Lol@Chairdance.
No, I heard she's away for the week though. Sent EG an e-mail yesterday asking for them to comment and am looking forward to their response.Also, I have some other info regarding this subject but will post the full story once i hear back from EG.
A thumb for you, NOBD. More if you go swimming today. I know you're secretly a big fan of the 'how to keep your body in shape' thread .
Yay, summer.
The tucked polo, not a fan.
Jacket seems to be a little on the tight side.
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