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nice fit on that everything.
Its not the debate that I don't like, its the tone.
Until this (sh*t)storm blows over this will be my last contribution to this thread
This thread used to make me happy, now it makes me sad : (
Afternoon walk from my Dad's place.
't was not directed at you : )
Come guys, play nice; shoe care isn't exact science.
I like this much more than most of your posts, Bigwig. Would be better still without those cuffs.
I'll tell my neighbour her play was much ppreciated : )I don't really do anything special with my calf skin shoes, as far as maintenance is concerned. I just apply a very, very thin layer of wax once in a while and then brush it out after 15+ min with a horsehair brush. Wouldnt use a nailbrush like I'm using on the cordovan for calfskin unlses its church's bookbinder leather. (Thats is calf, isnt it?)The cotton cloth is only placed over the nail brush as the bristles are...
This is how I 'do' cordovan. Definitely not the one and only way but it works fine for me. I'm no cordovan expert so any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Free background noises from planes, birds, the neighbour and a housemate.
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