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Have you tried 'long' sizes? You're approx. an inch taller than me and we wear the same sizes. A 38L might suit you nicely.
Formal Sunday. [[SPOILER]]
True, and thanks for noticing. Its due to how I took the picture. Try it in the mirror; raising the other arm creates the collar gap.I'll use a self timer next time.
I was just being an ass, don't worry
I think it would actually look quite nice if you'd swap the polo for a (tucked) shirt (blue gingham?). The trousers and jacket go well together, (If they are the light grey they seem to be). Also, sure you're shopping in the right section mate?
Is that a polo shirt you've tucked in? There aren't many things I really dont like but that is one of them.
Ah thanks : )
I'd use mid brown. Not a big fan of neutral tbh.
X-post (Sorry)
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