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Count me in Thanks for organising this!
Online sizing is difficult as all feet are different. fwiw these were my sizes back in the day before I got fat. - 8.5E all C&J - 9E EG 888 & 82 - 8.5E Carmina Rain - 8 most Santoni - 8.5 Alden modified & Trubalance - 9 Alden (other lasts) - 9.5 Corthay -edit- I find cordovan slightly roomier than calf, even if its the same last & fit.
Aye, lets do it.
Blind eyelets? I missed that. Would prefer eyelets as per regular snowdon.
Im guessing it would look a bit like this boot in this (or similar) leather
Maybe Skyfall was a better film (more realistic) but to me Spectre was more 'Bond'. More jokes and similarities to the old bonds. Regarding the clothes, there was a brown SC I liked. Wider lapels than the suits. Think it was Bond who was wearing it but it could have been M.
Look here.
Saw the film a few days ago and from what I remember I liked his sportscoat(s?) more than his suits. Wasn't paying too much attention to the clothes though.
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