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Why have my posts been deleted? They were all perfectly rational. delete this if you want but at least send me a PM to explain.
Very true. I always go Victoria but it is a bad knot for this tie. The quality of the tie itself is terrible too btw.
Worst thing is that I feel at home there too. :') More me than suit-crat w shiny shoes.
Nice fabric on the SC.
brown suede bits better than black leather : )
I too wear shiny footwear to divert attention away from my face.
from the family album, in teh woods. (not today, weekend) Kjobnhavn Mastaii Momotaro CJ
Yeah, same colour family. Not same colour exactly. X-mas party. F*ck. Noones gonna be lookin' at your shoes I'd still go for black though.
Black shoes. Get a black belt to go with your black shoes. Other than with black don't match you belt exactly with your shoes. Belt and shoes should be coherent but not exactly the same. 'Matchy-matchy' is very 1.0 trust me.
New Posts  All Forums: