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Thoughts on L vs R? Both had a few years of wear.
Glad you asked : ) [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! CJ Somerville, now discontinued. [[SPOILER]]
Drake'sDrakeOniNike [[SPOILER]]
Some from personal collection that have developed nice patinas. No fancy paint jobs, no filter.
wrong thread
Yeah, its on for another two days. Some nice stuff. Was there this afternoon.
I never said anything to the contrary. As matter of fact I agree that the 890 is not very EGesque.But that is not what was being discussed. My point is that chiseled toes aren't as un-British many perceive them to be, the Britishness of a chiseled toe being point of discussion.It seems to be a common misconception that short, round lasts are British and sleek, chiseled ones are French/Italian. Trends (which are far slower moving than in high-fashion) and the house style of...
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