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The beef between SF and DW and their members doesn't interest mee too much tbh. Unlike on the Dutch Stijlforum I'm just a regular member on both and visit them because I like menswear. As I like menswear I visit menswear fora, whether or not they harbour offensive members. Most fora do.In the DC incident I was only pointing out that just because a forum may have disagreeable members it is not a reason to insult all its members.The fact that my posts were deleted doesn't...
Just fyi as my previous post got deleted like there's no tomorrow and someone asked me; I wont be posting on this forum again anytime soon. Love u guys, but admin here.... well...we do't see eye to eye.
Why have my posts been deleted? They were all perfectly rational. delete this if you want but at least send me a PM to explain.
Very true. I always go Victoria but it is a bad knot for this tie. The quality of the tie itself is terrible too btw.
Worst thing is that I feel at home there too. :') More me than suit-crat w shiny shoes.
Nice fabric on the SC.
brown suede bits better than black leather : )
I too wear shiny footwear to divert attention away from my face.
from the family album, in teh woods. (not today, weekend) Kjobnhavn Mastaii Momotaro CJ
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