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No, simple version is I'm 3/4 caucasion 1/4 Asian. Spent a week tuna fishing in Spain, damn cardio. But yeah, that will work for a tan.
Back from holiday and descided I wanna compete at least once.Gonna start with Sheiko.Would need to cut down 2kg to stay in my weight class. Current bf 13% or so? [[SPOILER]]
^ damn crossfit, sigh....
Gz jabster, good work. I rly wanna compete too next year.
too big imo
That is the best pic. of the Islay out there but I'd never wear them like that tbh. Don't like boot tucks.
Try them both, the way they each fit will probably have a bigger impact on your choice than the aesthetic difference.
Yeah same here. Lotta guys in my gym way bigger than me just do pussy weights and machines.
Yes Fuji, you're the only one here with legs.
My Momo 0201's work quite well too but they arent very tapered and don't have a low rise.
New Posts  All Forums: