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Yeah, its on for another two days. Some nice stuff. Was there this afternoon.
I never said anything to the contrary. As matter of fact I agree that the 890 is not very EGesque.But that is not what was being discussed. My point is that chiseled toes aren't as un-British many perceive them to be, the Britishness of a chiseled toe being point of discussion.It seems to be a common misconception that short, round lasts are British and sleek, chiseled ones are French/Italian. Trends (which are far slower moving than in high-fashion) and the house style of...
Chiseled toes have always had their place in British footwear. Think Tuczek, Cleverley, G&G. This toe-shape is not as un-British as many believe it to be.
Hope you get your gmto sorted then. Great boot.
I have those, love em. If you don't get your MTO filled these guys still have a few sizes left.
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