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Ah, the noobs dont get the joke. Well its because I've been a member here for longer and I have a higher post count. That is important data that should have been taken into account. Also, you guys dont know NOBD. Also, with such remarks being made maybe I should start posting more again
They copied it off some moron.
Nice shine : )
^^ I like the red jacket but not the oven mitt body warmer.
Great casual look! The hat is fine : )
In my experience with the snowdon its a good hiking boot. Not waterproof if submerged but waterproof enough for a hike.FYII've used them for hiking several days on end wearing them approx. 18 hrs a day an that was fine.When I got them I ran a bath up to the bellows tounge to test them submerged in water but that wasn't a success.Fine for hiking but not for wading.For bad weather in town I wear my Islays, for proper outdoors my Islays and for submerging (small streams, etc)...
Yeah I love that last.
TY. Ravello Dover on the Modified last.
Yup, my Pegasus : ) [[SPOILER]]
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