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silk shirt [[SPOILER]]
TY Stitchy! [[SPOILER]] Nobd usually wins though
I dont own a BD shirt either but 3 would be most fun : )
Jep, I'd still go for a soft non-bd collar.
@ JRD I'd go soft non-BD 10/10 but each to their own. @ Evolve I'm not saying its not/never OK, I'm saying I don't like it. There's a difference.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the look but I just don't like it.
C'mon. this exampke is horrible.I agree that a navy blazer with brass buttons can work but not here.This is just some pretty boi with shades and a haircut and probably 10/10 facial aesthetics wearing a blazer.Any mortal wearing a popped collar white polo with a brass buttoned blazer and sunglasses would just look like a twat.Regarding the fit of the blazer, imo more athletic people can get away with tighter fits.
I do.
TY, C&J weave. (unlike my trouser my belts tend to last me several years) This one I actually bought too long and shortened it after a while. I accidentally reversed the belt in the process so now the (much nicer) front side is now on the back
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