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This thread reminded me of this : )
I izz be-in boycottt (Not that I'll win)
Yeah, superdenim is quite americana/vintage/workwear minded, thats what I mean. Im not saying CM isnt subject to change (and I do mean CM and not #menswear pitti peacocks) but the difference between a workwear fit and sone of the 50+ thumb fits SWD has these days is substantialy larger than that between a soft and a structured shoulder. I'm not saying its a bad thing per se, its just an observation.
I do think the trends in SW+D are a bit more fickle than in MC. If I'm not mistaken it was much more like superdenim over on sufu a few years back. No Ninja goths or other escaped anime characters. My mind might just be playing tricks on me though.
What if you work for RL or Lacoste?
You're right, the strap looks like that of the Boston.
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