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Being bigger doesn't give you more rights in a gym just like being a better reader doesn't give you more rights in a library.
I probably just became title holder of the fastest sprint in Galways ever but missed my flight none the less
Great with country (tweed) suit. Not so much with business suit.
So you do get frills?
I do hope you're joking.
Its just a birdseye in wool, nothing fancy. I have indeed put on some weight since buying it so the fit isn't as it was. Currently cutting, so I hope the fit will be a little more relaxed in a month or so when I've lost some weight. Making progress in the gym without outgrowing some clothes is getting tricky.
soz for crappy pic : (
I dunno SB; hard to put a concrete 'age limit' to it. Its just that all the men I've seen who can pull it off have a certain matureness over them, an authoritative seniority us young blokes lack no matter how hard we try. When we try the only thing we accomplish is to look like we are trying. Young pretty-boys with an out of place, dandyesque, overly affected accessory that demands too much attention and doesn't blend in. Like I said; no offense was intended so I'm sorry...
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