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Ha! Yes it is. Don't really mind them using my pic although they could have asked first.Oh well...Thanks! Yes I do strange looks every now and then.In general people are amused by the harmless village idiot lying down on the street to make pictures of his shoes from a better angle.
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Well, there are a ton of scarves out there that are not warm enough (linnen wtf), warm enough, and maybe a few that are too warm. If you're n the market for a scarf (purely as a shield against cold) you might as well choose the most aesthetically pleasing scarf that keeps you warm enough. Warmer isn't better per se.
A lot of people use scarves as an accessory and if you're comfortable with that its fine. Others use it purely as defence against the cold which is fine too. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. (I never said you look uncomfortable btw.) Personally I use scarves against cold. If its cold and I'm gonna wear a scarf it might as well be a nice one but I'd never wear a scarf just for te sake of wearing a scarf. That doesn't mean others can't tho. I just think scarves as an...
aaand Xpost
Y U B stealin' my turtleneck, C.? :P [[SPOILER]]
That suits you, T1. But no smirk is less thumbs
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