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I'd use a lot more pressure to get tick deep scratches out and worry about shine once the scratches are out. I myself use a wooden nailbrush wrapped in old t-shirt; that also works well to apply pressure.
try a spoon or deer bone.
Very informative, MWS. Thanks.
Thanks Benhour, the trees are indeed lasted. The top part of the heel is fairly narrow but the space widens towards the sole. I think, JermynStreet and MoneyWS, that we all mean the same thing in the end. The point made about canvas having to be used seems quite logical tbh. I may have been wrongly informed at the Bontoni trunk show where the differences between "GY by hand and normal GY" were explained to me. Probably just a language issue where they meant hand welted.
X post from shoecare
I might be wrong here but from what I know a shoe is GY welted when its upper, insole and the welt are stiched together and the outsole is stiched to the welt. Oldskool would be by hand and (modern) industry standard would be with gemming. The basic principle is the same on both though, as opposed to norvegese, blake or bentivegna constructions. Like I said though, I may be wrong and GY might only refer to gemmed, machine made shoes.
Just some polish pics.
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