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[[SPOILER]] Suit. Colour is in between both pics.
Nice boots n pents, stitchy!
Its Edwardian.
Not always correctly though, as our previous discussion made clear.I agree with you that forums offer poor communication clarity which is why being less rude might be more productive than being more rude. Even, or especially, if you think that you are right.There is nothing wrong with disagreements but they can go without name-calling etc. Too often it seems that underlying emotions guide members' posts instead of logic but that is the same on all forums. The joys of...
The shoe care wars continue I see. Debate without rudeness would make this thread so much nicer.
In my experience crup, once broken in, becomes quite soft even though it is thicker and heavier than calf.
I Like those suede jodphurs
What would help more than doing something about the length (please don't), I think, is haven those jeans tapered a bit from the knee down.The leg opening seems to be quite wide now covering up too much loafer and giving them a workwear look which does indeed look incoherent with the rest of the outfit.A slimmer cut round the calf and leg opening (like in Choc's previous post) would look much better. [[SPOILER]]
Jeans' length looks good. Formal trouser length rules don't apply to jeans; they should be long.
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