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Thoughts comments on my HB squat form? I see some upper back flexing and some buttwink. Anything else? http://youtu.be/wRexhnqzqXE
'Timeless' is a myth anyways. Some styles obviously have longer expiry dates than others.
WTF!? How much is that?
I just polished over it tbh, method in sig.
Sounds about right Also hope the mini bulk will help me lift 5 plates.
Yeah something like that. I actually don't want to put on too much mass; the 'wanna be big' thing isn't for me. I'll bulk to approx 15%bf and then cut down again. Should get some strength gainz in the process.
Could it be a sub, since you got it from e-bay?
Ah, forgot about that. 20s to 17-18 should be doable guess with a PSMF-type diet? GL wanyways : ) Pic isn't rly posture flattering, I know..
Why too fat for UD 2.0? Oh, this was three weeks ago when I started my bulk. Will post updates before (Jan.) and after (March?) the cut.
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