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Yeah, i understand your point judging from that pic.Shirt isn't businessy though, its a blue mix flannel with soft collar.This shirt [[SPOILER]]
I may have forgotten to once or twice, usually I do use them.These are also my squatting shoes which might not help. [[SPOILER]]
An early merry X-mas peeps!
I had but they are still a bit more expensive. Really like the dover though, probably my favourite EG together with the Galway.
New derbies, very happy with them as I wanted something like this for a long time. C&J for Ben Silver.
I suspect so, Chogall. Those jeans arent minem, just borrowed the pic to use as an example.
Good to know.
^ what he said. twas another joke everyone didnt get.
Need more contrast between jacket and jeans' colour. More faded jeans would be better.
Whats GuyS got to do with anything?? Yeah sorry, I was just stoking the dragon a little with you peeps. I think it was pearls before swanns tho. Oh heres a pic
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