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Care to elaborate? This isnt very helpful.
I wish. Just RTW aldens. Stable heel.I seem to be in good company tho. [[SPOILER]]
Been a while rhet. Formcheck plz?
Yeah, i understand your point judging from that pic.Shirt isn't businessy though, its a blue mix flannel with soft collar.This shirt [[SPOILER]]
I may have forgotten to once or twice, usually I do use them.These are also my squatting shoes which might not help. [[SPOILER]]
An early merry X-mas peeps!
I had but they are still a bit more expensive. Really like the dover though, probably my favourite EG together with the Galway.
New derbies, very happy with them as I wanted something like this for a long time. C&J for Ben Silver.
I suspect so, Chogall. Those jeans arent minem, just borrowed the pic to use as an example.
Good to know.
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