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Thanks for the kind words. Suit is RLBL.
Not sure exactly how it but there was (is?) a South African factory that was licensed to produce shoes under the C&J label (for the SA market?).These aren't exactly fake but aren't the Northampton CJ either...http://www.mensshoecentre.co.za/showbrands.php?brand=16
Yep, maybe polished a tad much for the jeans but I don't think the galway boot is all that slick.
Cool loafers. Carmina? Don't like tucked polos but apart from that it looks good.
Indeed this thread caters to a variety of approaches on 'MC Casual' and not everything will be to everyone's taste. My last post won't appeal to the more conservative posters here, im sure. Personally I try to thumb up a look when I believe it is well done, even if the look is not to my taste. In other words, if this -> "This isn't my cuppa but I can see what you are going for and within its genre it seems to work nicely" goes on in my head I'll 'thumb up'. Regarding...
I like the jacket Choc, it gives a nice touch. Then again, this thread is turning into 'what dad is wearing this sunday afternoon' so I can see how most posters won't like it.
Hi Mimo.
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