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I'm not quite sure. In the middle ages the river was the UK's most renowned trout river but in the 80's it was an open sewer. Trout have been reintroduced with some succes and are breeding in the river again; there is a mix of stocked and wild trout. What is the best way to identify wild from stocked fish apart from the condition of their fins?
Trout season just started here in the UK. Was out today fishing a small stream that runs right through London and got two lovely brownies. Lost a large one, think my tippet was damaged rubbing against a stone or so...oh well. P.S. Catch&Release used barbour as unhooking mat.
fwiw I wear a Ben Silver Cornhill in 10.5D and most my UK Crocketts in 9E.
Nice colours. The jacket seems a little short although the fit seems good otherwise.
I think the model (mine) is called Wilkins. Yeah, fantastic ageing on these and very nice, rugged leather.You're right about the zipper btw. [[SPOILER]]
Quite sure thats the same as mine. Just different light, different camera etc. Love that jacket.
Quick loo & street selfies. Like school in July
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