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The floor used to be a VOC ship, true story.
-> SW&D use the thumbs button more.
ja maar van SW&D; in het land der blinden......
Slightly off-topic but here's a nice article on lapels (straight vs curved) and lapel gapes. A curve is not necessarily bad (apparently) but a gape is. http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2013/11/25/lapel-gape-never-again-canvasses-chest-pieces-and-other-suit-mysteries/ My suits kinda drape off my chest rather than my shoulder causing the curve, as can be seen here.
Quite true, Monkey and Butch. On my native forum I actually posted a few fits with relatively nice items passing them on for H&M or Massimo Dutti. Later I would post the same items as what they are; it was fun to see the difference in reactions. Good way to catch the brandwhores but then you often know who they are anyway. ^ Heralded posters don't count as they become their own 'brand'. "Ooooh NOBD posted this, that guy knows what he's doing. This must be good (He...
Yep, most of my lapels are a little U-shaped rather than V-shaped when the jacket is closed. This is indeed due to my chest. Not a big problem imo as I wear jackets open most of the time anyways. Not perfect but I can live with it.
Its coz we have different builds
Two crappy pics not showing much at all. Sorry,
I'd say its mainly the padding. Also, in the 2nd pic I'm not fully facing the camera.
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