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Would you say that, disregarding the wearers physique, soft shoulders would be more suited to casual odd jackets and roped shoulders would go better with more formal suit jackets?That is my preference at lest.-edit-The difference between 'athletic physiques' can be quite big depending on type of sport.You can imagine that the same jacket would fit these two quite differently.My guess is that its more complicated than 'athletic body = shoulder type X' [[SPOILER]]
One can stil train for strength and whilst doing so appreciate aesthetics, no?Im talking in general and not Fuji per se.
Nature vs Nurture : )
Casual me is much more 'me' than formal me. Something in which I can run out the house and jump into the boat to go fishing. Something like this oldie.
best challenge ever!
That counts? lolwhut???
Even indoors?
Summer white pents ftw : )
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