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Thanks Chogall.
^If I remember correctly the first ever dubmonks were made by Lobb in Paris, pre-Hermes. They were in grain and a more casual, chunky shoe. Not sure though but I seem to remember such a thing Chogall, would you happen to have pic's of the first dubmonks?
Agreed, aged cordovan looks great. It's a love-it or hate-it material but I love it due to its resilience. Trees are indeed a must to prevent too much creasing. From what I've seen ravello tends to be more chestnut and whisky leans more towards tan, see pic of my ravello Alden's in spoiler.When it comes to denim i don't agree. Cordovan as a material is a great combo with denim but every time I see a pic of jeans worn with an oxford I think..."Why? A derby would have looked...
Lovely shoes, Ironist and Gerry : ) X-post from Corthay, they are 4 yo now.
@Thinkderm Hm dunno tbh. I like tan boots but the more chunky, country type boot. Personally I think the Somerville is a bit too formal for cord. People often think I'm just wearing toe-cap oxfords and thats what they look like. Wouldn't make sense in whisky cord imo. I have another pair of Galways in edwardian (also 82) and I find them much less wearable than my dark oak / CC pair due to the colour even though the leather on them is nicer. I think a whisky shell toe-cap...
Love my Somervilles, 363 last. Two years ago I wan contemplating an EG Shannon MTO with moustache vamp (like galway) and swann neck but no broguing, 82 last. Would have had to be top-drawer and in the end I got a Galway instead. Made the right choice. Apart from the moustache vamp and the swann neck the Somerville is almost identical to the Shannon I had in mind and a much cheaper option. I think CJ discontinued dark brown however, though you might be lucky of you get your...
Oh no you didn't!
Cool, where is yours from? The shirt is a bit too formal for the rest though imo.
Some nice tumblrs here : ) Not very good or focussed but its kinda 'all me', no reblogs. The stuff I'm into except lifting, that wouldn't fit in. http://chriscrat.tumblr.com/
First sheiko training went well, power to spare. hellz yeah. : )
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