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veldts only for outdoor lifting, u know that.Loafers for indoor [[SPOILER]]
Lol, I wear my CJ cord tassels and Alden derbies for squats. Nice stable heel. I do get looks and comments, mostly amused : )
Are those vintage Brummie? can't find them online anywhere. Have seen old Aldens that were quite similar.
Thanks matey : )
Yeah, says so right in the name.
PCK's description is perfect.Regarding the difference between Dainite and Commando the latter is better on hard surfaces like a wet pavement but will offer hardly any traction in the mud.I might have my commando changed to Ridgeway when the time comes as the commando is prone to getting clogged up when things get extremely muddy.
Thanks Chogall.
^If I remember correctly the first ever dubmonks were made by Lobb in Paris, pre-Hermes. They were in grain and a more casual, chunky shoe. Not sure though but I seem to remember such a thing Chogall, would you happen to have pic's of the first dubmonks?
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