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But.... [[SPOILER]]
If you would, I'd bet it would be a real gem.
I'm pretty sure semantics are the root of all most evil on many internet forums / threads.
I agree with on everything but this. The GY is not flawed compared to the HW, it is inferior. GY is weaker and more prone to failing than a HW but it does imo not have a fundamental intrinsic defect. This may also have something to do with English not being my first language; to me 'fundamentally flawed' = "something wrong the entire construction method" where as I would describe the difference between the two as "very good" vs "not as good but still more than...
Actually, I'm quite interested in the cumulative perception of all GY wearers out there & how their shoes are holding up. The statistics would intrest me greatly but the individual case not so much.
Not much tbh as my argument is basically the very large number of people who wear GY welted shoes with no (gemming) problems vs. the very few exceptions.One man's experience doesn't make much of a difference, however good a shoemaker he may be.Which brings me to ->I'm a simple guy with simple logic; If it doesn't fail on a regular base there isn't a fundamental flaw in the construction.
Well, you did ask what my perception was based on and what else could that be other than my own experience? Those guys in your picture are all more solidly built than I am btw, so thats not accurate : )
One could argue that blake rapid is superior as there is no cementing used in any bond. The insole is directly stitched to the upper and midsole, then a second stitch secures the outsole to the midsole. Imo this arguement would be valid if GYW shoes were failing left, right and center.
I base my perception on the amount of GY welted shoes I have seen&handled in various stages of their life. No gemming failure. This makes me believe that the construction does not have a fundamental flaw. I am not saying it is as good as HW but I dont believe GY to be a marketing myth.
Chogall, all the stitching is just for show?
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