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Fishing with @westendcloser
Would have been fine without the jacket and maybe more beach-y. I get your point though, I also dress too formally for MC casual when I'm working and too informally in my free time. MC casual can also be tricky due to the fact that it can quickly become Dad-ish.
I like the look. Would be better still with the shirt tucked imo. (with SC I like shirts to be tucked)
Looks fine for an afternoon cookout but it has no place on SF.
Nope.-edit-Due to their casual nature tucked polos always seem awkward to me, forced.
Cleaned, rinsed and dried.Obenauf'ed
Use Used Cleaned, rinsed and dried. Obenauf'ed
From what I could tell from my socks only the water that seeped in from above. As a wave would hit my feet the water would splash up and fall down the non full bellows tounge. Perfect for hiking though marshy moors as long as no water can get in via the tounge. Also not submersible for long periods of time. The leather itself seems pretty waterproof though.
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