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Quark is great. Good cottage cheese is great too. God-tier stuff is hard to find tho.Biltong is Godlike stuff toohttp://zacsbiltong.com/nutritional-info
5 times? Lol no its 2.5 times.
I weigh 82-83 kgs Squat 150 and bench 120.
Reverse pyramid, more or less. A few sets at 2-3 rep max A few sets at 4-5 rep max Thats about it. DLs are my best lift though naturally, to compenste I'm shit at squats.
Ah yes, I use kg. Eeh 182cm. Whats that, 6'?
No thats deadlifts, not benching. Bench and squats = more sets, more reps.
Warm up 5x100 3x140 1x160 1x180 Work 1x200 1x200 2x180 3x170 Something like that, depending on the day and how I feel. Sometimes I'll skip the singles and just do 4x2x180 or so. 1RM = 210
Everything works differently for everyone but for me 3 sets of 3 reps plus maybe 2 heavy singles at 90%-95% is more than enough.For me volume works for squats and bench and high intensity works best for DLs.
Leave the Lion not standing in his shirt!
Thanks, but I didn't finish the lift and its also not that much at 82kg BW. This guy however.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v0L8pzu7R8
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