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My Islays have only bees exposed to some mud here and there; I use my Snowdons and White's for the proper, tough work. Off-road boots.Will shoot some update pics tomorrow, these are from the archives. [[SPOILER]] -edit-Some more pics I found in the archives. [[SPOILER]]
The hoggs of fife rannoch might be a good alternative btw at a friendlier price. Some other options on this page http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/veldtschoen-variations.html?m=1
My Islays or my Snowdons? [[SPOILER]]
Thanks again, I'll experiment a little. Cutting sheiko in half is a good suggestion. When is your next competition? What are you aiming for?
Yeah, unlike sheiko smolov isn't meant to be used ad infinitum. Doubt I'd do more than 2-3 cycles a year. Too much for now though as I'm cutting. What got me curious about theNorwegian was dividing the same weekly workload over more trainings. -edit- I mostly train RPT, High intensity / Low volume so mixing things up and switching to high volume every once in a while tends work quite well.
Thanks for the links mate. I did some reading into the current norwegin training yesterday and could indeed not find any schedules. Will look into these some more tonight. I've done a few sheiko cycles in the past but booked better results with smolov.
Knucks? How many sets are you going to do per training, @conceptionist. I'm thinking of starting that routine too. Looks promising and maybe not as tough as smolov if total volume per week stays the same. Thinking of competing soon but on a cut now and my squats suck @ Aidan. DLs look good to me mate.
I deny everything.
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