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Black shoes. Get a black belt to go with your black shoes. Other than with black don't match you belt exactly with your shoes. Belt and shoes should be coherent but not exactly the same. 'Matchy-matchy' is very 1.0 trust me.
I had gucci horsebits in green suede.....until my housemate dropped a bottle of olive oil in the kitchen when I was standing next to him. Nevertheless, I like 'em. Maybe a little less in black leather but nevertheless they are an icon that have made their own place in shoe history. If I'd find my old green pair somewhere I'd buy them again in heartbeat.
Whut? Whats wrong with the good oll (gucci?) horsebit?
Thanks for all the thumbs and compliments everyone! Actually its not a knitted tie but a grenadine Thanks anyway though!
Thanks Steffen and Paul. I've seen that Jort and the fabric does look alike, nice suit. This is actually a Caruso from Pauw. [ snob] Don't see Suitsupply doing milanese button holes any time soon [ /snob] The shoes are Clarendon from C&J, Paul.
From what I gather the luxury shoe trees are lasted for 348/358 shoes. The classic trees are an all-round fit that can be used on all models.
Yeah, the Clarendon Latest addition to the family : )
'Ossobuco' with lamb instead of veal and a mushroom risotto.
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