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Don't understand how you can entertain the possibility that Marquez (barely) touched him but not that it was a foul.If Marquez touched him it was a foul, barely or not. If it was a foul it was a penalty. Simple.-edit-FWIW I think that Robben could easily have continued playing without falling which would have been the honourable thing to do. Looking back at all the replays its seems that Marquez stepped on the tip of his toes and Robben made it seem worse than it...
Your logic is faulty.
You canont base decisions on reputation or previous incidents or even take these into account.Every incident should be judged as a new one and the only thing that matters is what happened. Just because a player is incredible doesn't mean he is wrong. the same works the other way round.Suggesting a foul where there isn't one should be a yellow card at least but if there is one I have no problem if it is brought to the ref's attention.Here there was a foul.No one wants the...
That pic just shows Robben being tripped. Yes he 'sold it' No its not sportsmanship No I don't like players like that, even if they play for my country. But, in this case i really can't see how one could argue that it was not a foul. Marquez did (barely) touch him. Therefore foul. Therefore penalty. Football still has a lot to learn from sports like Field hockey, video ref.-wise. I don't get the Suarez comparison. in the Suarez incident there just isn't any room for...
Robben exaggerated. I don't like him as a player (though I'm glad he's playing for my country).Fair is fair though, it was a foul. Not a huge one (like the one at the end of the first half) but a foul none the less. Therefore it was a penalty.https://vine.co/v/MFgBWT7j03KNetherlands should have had 2 penalties and Mexico 1 for the kick to the head. Clearly a foul too.
Dem westbournes look... dark brown? I like : )
I like the outfit a lot but your pose is well... not the best. [[SPOILER]]You R quite sharp
Gah, colours are messed up. SC is navy, shit is light blue and tie is charcoal.
Sugarcane SExSC02
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