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Your logic is faulty.
You canont base decisions on reputation or previous incidents or even take these into account.Every incident should be judged as a new one and the only thing that matters is what happened. Just because a player is incredible doesn't mean he is wrong. the same works the other way round.Suggesting a foul where there isn't one should be a yellow card at least but if there is one I have no problem if it is brought to the ref's attention.Here there was a foul.No one wants the...
That pic just shows Robben being tripped. Yes he 'sold it' No its not sportsmanship No I don't like players like that, even if they play for my country. But, in this case i really can't see how one could argue that it was not a foul. Marquez did (barely) touch him. Therefore foul. Therefore penalty. Football still has a lot to learn from sports like Field hockey, video ref.-wise. I don't get the Suarez comparison. in the Suarez incident there just isn't any room for...
Robben exaggerated. I don't like him as a player (though I'm glad he's playing for my country).Fair is fair though, it was a foul. Not a huge one (like the one at the end of the first half) but a foul none the less. Therefore it was a penalty.https://vine.co/v/MFgBWT7j03KNetherlands should have had 2 penalties and Mexico 1 for the kick to the head. Clearly a foul too.
Dem westbournes look... dark brown? I like : )
I like the outfit a lot but your pose is well... not the best. [[SPOILER]]You R quite sharp
Gah, colours are messed up. SC is navy, shit is light blue and tie is charcoal.
Sugarcane SExSC02
silk shirt [[SPOILER]]
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