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I was summoned. Got two more pairs at my parents' place, no pics. (TBC and AS) Whites outdoorsman, fully waterproof. CJ Snowdon CJ Harlech CJ Islay EG Galway EG Galway CJ Somerville
Anyone here do calisthenics and weights? If so how best to combine the two?
Yeah just saw ur post too. Good stuff mate! Dunno bout you I'm sore as hell now. Good sore tho.
First squats in over a month after running (ffs!) injury, feels good.
Word. Looks very unforced, natural.Too much forced trendy stuff of forums today.
This length would be perfect for normal trousers, a clean look. Too clean though for the military/workwear items you are wearing. Im not a fan of 'tailored workwear', it defies purpose. Just my 2ct
Nice colours and textures and a good fit on the trousers.Coat sleeves seem a bit too long though.Jeans should be longer imo, this length is too #meanswear. Jacket sleeves seem short too.Other than that I like the fit.
Onitsuka Tiger
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