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I've just given them a good reno massage on both the outside upper and the inside lining. They were indeed a tad dry.Not a fan of neutral polish; I use dark brown.
Thats just real patina in the making : )
Ageing update : )
Nice! Catch anything? Pics in MC casual?
Very nice, Esp Clags, Betel, AAS.
I like the look of shoes with battle scars more than than of fresh-out-of-the-box shoes however ideally the owner of the shoes should be the creator of the battle scars. On the Dutch stijlforum there is a thread discussing second-hand shoes an whether or not to wear them. I like the look of these but would not buy them in that state; I would have wanted to get them to that state myself.I don't know where you are based but other addresses are Hermans in Utrecht,...
Any Londoners around here? Where to go fishing here? Trying the Wandle today.
Jeans mostly, but they also work very well with chinos and tweed.Here with jeans and a leather jacket on my way to a tinder date [[SPOILER]]
Late to the party here, sorry.I love my Westbournes and adelaides in general but because of their colour I only tend to wear them with with light/mid grey. IMO they are too light to wear with navy but ymmv.
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