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Hm, cool thread.
I hope you aren't implying that I am intolerant of anything other than classic proportions?I am perfectly happy with members' interpretations of classic pieces which often suit today's image better than the classic original. Its just that the modern interpretation isn't classic. Fashionable iGentry is fine but should be seen separate from classic menswear. It isn't classic menswear. That was my original point. I understand the problem with naming the topic...
Timeless does not exist. Any fit older than a century or so would look like a costume from a film set or something. Some stuff just has a longer expiry date than other stuff. The more 'stylish' or 'fashionable' a fit is the shorter its lifespan. The concept that classic menswear is subject to change had previously occurred to me. Changes in style, to me, are things like going from narrow lapels to wide ones, from structured shoulders to natural ones or opting for a 3 roll...
Agreed, but......this is classic menswear.
Athletic build + fabric (Cotton/linen?) will do that if not bespoke.Squiggly U instead of V in chest = he is leaning forward + has pecs. Not a fault per se.Creases at elbows and knees are fairly normal (if linen/cotton).Creases at armpit due to sleeve being too tight and bicepts filling out the jacket sleeve.Calves & thighs also seem skin-tight. menswear shouldn't be skin-tight imo.Don't agree that all circled areas are 'wrong' but the fit is not perfect. Can't imagine the...
Quick phone frontcam pic.
I see where you are coming from. This is my first English-made suit and I think I would agree that it would not fit in anywhere outside of the UK. I do like the cloth and fit though; this is an un-altered rtw experiment. Depending on how the suit holds up I may order mtm which would be with 'normal' pockets. In general the suit feels more sturdy than any suit I have ever had.
Looking good mate!
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