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I love my Arcas, they are very sleek indeed. The bespoke lasts tend to be more refined and sleeker still though. Compare the profile of the toes of my standard pair to the toes of the shoe under it. You will see that the shoe on the last pic has much 'sharper' toes and features. Thats the difference between rtw and bespoke with Corthay.
May not be my place to comment but have you ever seen an RTW Arca next to a bespoke one? I own a MTO/RTW pair but compared to a bespoke last mine looks 'soft'.
Yeah, seawater. Just soaked them in soapy water.
some post-holiday shoe care -> ->
Good to see you again Gezza : )
Hm, maybe i'll just do regular sheiko with some cardio and secondary excises on the other 2 days.
What are your thoughts on doing a 5-day split on sheiko rather than the suggested 3-day split? Same routine just divided into 5 smaller workouts.
No, simple version is I'm 3/4 caucasion 1/4 Asian. Spent a week tuna fishing in Spain, damn cardio. But yeah, that will work for a tan.
Back from holiday and descided I wanna compete at least once.Gonna start with Sheiko.Would need to cut down 2kg to stay in my weight class. Current bf 13% or so? [[SPOILER]]
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