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Yeah, seawater. Just soaked them in soapy water.
some post-holiday shoe care -> ->
Good to see you again Gezza : )
Hm, maybe i'll just do regular sheiko with some cardio and secondary excises on the other 2 days.
What are your thoughts on doing a 5-day split on sheiko rather than the suggested 3-day split? Same routine just divided into 5 smaller workouts.
No, simple version is I'm 3/4 caucasion 1/4 Asian. Spent a week tuna fishing in Spain, damn cardio. But yeah, that will work for a tan.
Back from holiday and descided I wanna compete at least once.Gonna start with Sheiko.Would need to cut down 2kg to stay in my weight class. Current bf 13% or so? [[SPOILER]]
^ damn crossfit, sigh....
Gz jabster, good work. I rly wanna compete too next year.
too big imo
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