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This length would be perfect for normal trousers, a clean look. Too clean though for the military/workwear items you are wearing. Im not a fan of 'tailored workwear', it defies purpose. Just my 2ct
Nice colours and textures and a good fit on the trousers.Coat sleeves seem a bit too long though.Jeans should be longer imo, this length is too #meanswear. Jacket sleeves seem short too.Other than that I like the fit.
Onitsuka Tiger
nice casual look mate.
That scarf keeping your manliness nice 'n warm?
Some do but I don't like it much. You wouldn't need an SC for the warmth and I don't like how an SC would stick out under a short jacket like this.
Snowdons are great! I use dubbin on mine, obenaufs.
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