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Thats an interesting one. Here in London I see many people wearing loafers with suits so its not out of the ordinary. How it looks depends very much on the loafers imo but yes, toe-cap oxfords would have been the safer choice.
Quickie frontcam
Thank you for the kind words.Spot on kulata, unaltered RTW Suitsupply. I had the trousers hemmed is all.Not a fan of the patch pockets myself on DB but the fit, fabric and price outweighed that con.Oh, I am changing the buttons to darker ones right now. 2 down 17 ( i think) to go.
Wait, first tou say it is a sharp contrast but now it isn't because th suit is lighter than navy?
When it comes to formal attire (like that lovely DB suit) sharp contrasts between footwear and trousers go against my sense of feng shoey.
Tim, good that you are posting. Wider trousers aren't a bad thing but they do need a sharp crease. This would benefit your silhouette by making the look less boxy. Taking the picture from an higher angle will also help. Good stuff Sander but the shoes are too light for the suit imo.
Thank you all for the kind wordsHere is an old one.
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