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I like the 363 too though it is just a tad 'deep' in the front for me. Here's a pair that have never seen any neutral polish in their life.
- PCK1, I second that opinion on the Teign. They are my most comfortable pair of shoes and I wear them as much as all my other shoes combined. - Nice polish Niklas What Santoni may mean is that if you build up too many thick layers of neutral polish the colour can become somewhat dull. This is quite obviously not what you have done Sunlight will lighten the leather and neutral won't do anything to counter that effect which is fine, if that is what you want.
Random pic taken in the tube. Arca & Alden Indy.
The floor used to be a VOC ship, true story.
-> SW&D use the thumbs button more.
ja maar van SW&D; in het land der blinden......
Slightly off-topic but here's a nice article on lapels (straight vs curved) and lapel gapes. A curve is not necessarily bad (apparently) but a gape is. http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2013/11/25/lapel-gape-never-again-canvasses-chest-pieces-and-other-suit-mysteries/ My suits kinda drape off my chest rather than my shoulder causing the curve, as can be seen here.
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