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Heheh, incidentally an IT guy from the Dutch forum just posted this. [[SPOILER]]
Some good stuff lately : )
Be careful. Antiquing is like make-up. A little can make skin look a lot better but a lot will make it look tacky.
Feel like an old man.
I find massaging the dye into the leather with my fingers helps too.Not advisable if you have any social events (esp. first dates) in the next few days.
Those were my Connistons to be honest; I've never waded in my Galways (though I have taken them salt water fishing).Unfortunately not. I have other, more rugged boots that do but I was on a trip and needed something I could also wear in a smart casual setting. We had a Dutch Stijlforum meetup but I got told off for wearing unpolished shoes. Don't think a bellows tongue would have helped here btw.Oh well, this is the damage. Time for some obenaufs.
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