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From what I could tell from my socks only the water that seeped in from above. As a wave would hit my feet the water would splash up and fall down the non full bellows tounge. Perfect for hiking though marshy moors as long as no water can get in via the tounge. Also not submersible for long periods of time. The leather itself seems pretty waterproof though.
Good to see you back @CTBrummie I've been fishing in my Snowdons for the last 2 days, sure you'l approve : ) Wearing them 18+ hrs a day for 2 days in a row was a bit much though as I hadn't broken them in properly yet. -edit- Full bellows tongue would have been helpful.
Also in my last post. = fav PS. Good stuff can be cheap.Great colours and textures btw, love it.
OIIII!!! Y U B stealin' my PS Bro??!!!Nice combo tho : )
Carwo, do sometimes here posting again. This thread needs you a few other oldskool MC'ers.
I understand what l2b is saying but I do like the colours a lot.
Thank you Rudals, thats very kind. I hope for yur sake you don't end up like me coz im going to mentally stay 16 forever. (Not wise but great fun)I just think the reddish colour doesn't go well with the blue. Well, no... its allright, sort of..but not great. Dark brown blows it out of the water though combined with this colour suit.Don't get me wrong, I love these shoes but they work better with a greyish colour. [[SPOILER]]
Usually wear darker shoes with this colour suit (its lighter than navy though). This was not a successful experiment; back to dark brown
Very Nice EFV!
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