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Oh no you didn't!
Cool, where is yours from? The shirt is a bit too formal for the rest though imo.
Some nice tumblrs here : ) Not very good or focussed but its kinda 'all me', no reblogs. The stuff I'm into except lifting, that wouldn't fit in. http://chriscrat.tumblr.com/
First sheiko training went well, power to spare. hellz yeah. : )
I meant the lines of the toe, that the fit would be different seemed self-evident. The shape of the toe box has nothing to do with the fit. The shoe above is indeed not an Arca but bespoke Arca's have a similar toe, this picture just showed the toe better. The difference between the RTW and Bespoke last shapes was explained in the Corthay shop just the way I describe it to you. Here are a bespoke 3 eyelet derby, an RTW arca and a bespoke jouvet. Notice the difference in...
If you mean MTO as is choosing your colour then yes, its the RTW last just finished in a colour of your choosing. Mine was an MTO in vieux noir. I find the RTW shape sleek and beautiful enough but there is always something better out there... : )
I love my Arcas, they are very sleek indeed. The bespoke lasts tend to be more refined and sleeker still though. Compare the profile of the toes of my standard pair to the toes of the shoe under it. You will see that the shoe on the last pic has much 'sharper' toes and features. Thats the difference between rtw and bespoke with Corthay.
May not be my place to comment but have you ever seen an RTW Arca next to a bespoke one? I own a MTO/RTW pair but compared to a bespoke last mine looks 'soft'.
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