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What happened to In Stitches btw?
No, these were waxed (Carnauba) and not lacquered. HG still is and BG is now unfinished.
The difference is that Lobb (Ltd). did actually make the first ever double monk. The model was named after the founder's son, William.
But am I not entitled to an opinion? I find the tie heinous. On itself that is. Genius in this combination however. Its a bit like cooking; some ingredients are horrible on their own but create a great result when combined.
If the tie would have matched more (Brown/navy shantung/grenadine) it would have been something styled from a catalogue. I don't like fits that lack personality; this heinous tie gives the outfit personality. Like.
When fishing, wear outerwear.
^ hard to say anything without pics. Do you have pics of how they are now and pics of something close to your desired result? Since we have a topic now, old stuff. L stripped, R original. off-black final result
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