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Further buffing will generally not make the micro scratches disappear. It is not that more buffing is needed but something else. Some examples. Note the difference in clarity of the reflection of the window frame on the toe cap between the right and the left shoe.
Yeah, probably better when cold as solubles will be less 'runny'. Temperature is kinda hard to influence though (no airco). I'll try more rest between layers.
I've tried a lot of variations* trying to pinpoint the variable that causes the difference but to no avail (so far). Trying and re-trying will eventually give the same result but I'm looking for (pointers to) an approach that is less trail-and-error based. *more/less wax, faster/slower rubbing, more/less water, etc.
Whats with all the red ties?
When I'm spit shining shoes I always get slightly different reults; sometimes better and some times slightly less good. Method is always the same. Anyone here have any ideas on what the variables may be? The cloth used? room temperature? When I say 'less good' I mean that sometimes there are smears or micro scratches on the glazing. Sometimes they disappear to leave a crips, clear shine and sometimes they are impossible to get rid of. Tips?
@conceptionist, I agree with what you are saying. The only scenario I see where training 2x week for a competition might work is BB if you had put on sufficient mass and were cutting down on a PSMF diet or so.
Are we talking BB or PL competition here?
^ Nice but I find pull-ups hard/impossible after heavy DLs. Grip etc.
Excellent, @Cleav
Good, looked black on my screen. Navy is better
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