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Lovely shoes, Ironist and Gerry : ) X-post from Corthay, they are 4 yo now.
@Thinkderm Hm dunno tbh. I like tan boots but the more chunky, country type boot. Personally I think the Somerville is a bit too formal for cord. People often think I'm just wearing toe-cap oxfords and thats what they look like. Wouldn't make sense in whisky cord imo. I have another pair of Galways in edwardian (also 82) and I find them much less wearable than my dark oak / CC pair due to the colour even though the leather on them is nicer. I think a whisky shell toe-cap...
Love my Somervilles, 363 last. Two years ago I wan contemplating an EG Shannon MTO with moustache vamp (like galway) and swann neck but no broguing, 82 last. Would have had to be top-drawer and in the end I got a Galway instead. Made the right choice. Apart from the moustache vamp and the swann neck the Somerville is almost identical to the Shannon I had in mind and a much cheaper option. I think CJ discontinued dark brown however, though you might be lucky of you get your...
Oh no you didn't!
Cool, where is yours from? The shirt is a bit too formal for the rest though imo.
Some nice tumblrs here : ) Not very good or focussed but its kinda 'all me', no reblogs. The stuff I'm into except lifting, that wouldn't fit in. http://chriscrat.tumblr.com/
First sheiko training went well, power to spare. hellz yeah. : )
I meant the lines of the toe, that the fit would be different seemed self-evident. The shape of the toe box has nothing to do with the fit. The shoe above is indeed not an Arca but bespoke Arca's have a similar toe, this picture just showed the toe better. The difference between the RTW and Bespoke last shapes was explained in the Corthay shop just the way I describe it to you. Here are a bespoke 3 eyelet derby, an RTW arca and a bespoke jouvet. Notice the difference in...
If you mean MTO as is choosing your colour then yes, its the RTW last just finished in a colour of your choosing. Mine was an MTO in vieux noir. I find the RTW shape sleek and beautiful enough but there is always something better out there... : )
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