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Same as these. A tad shorter than I normally wear as they are summer trousers that will rarely see wear with oxfords. Or socks for that matter. The length is the longest possible with no break. My suit trousers all have a small break at the front.
Chunky is sexy for casual.
No, not directed at you.
Indeed, in that case it didnt matter.The game was a defensive masterclass from both sides though. Robben was put on a leash as you rightly state. So was Messi though (which you failed to mention ).
^^ Heart attack for nothing : ) In that case 120min went on pretty evenly. Stil not (too) sore about loss, that the way it works with penalties.
Lol, I was sure it was in but got given offside. Things can get blurry in a pub. I was sure it wasn't offside btw.
Hm, I don't like it when ppl just see one side of the story and are only overly focussed on revealing one teams shortcomings. Its good to support a team but don't loose sense of objectivity. In all fairness I don't think Arg's goal was an offside so the final result is justified.
Gratz to Arg. good game. -edit- ah, nobd beat me to it.
nice, clags.
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