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Tried 1RM. Failed lockout. So close
Its the pocket square
The soft shouldered land of Milk and Honey eh? Overrated iGent hype.I like strong (slightly roped) shoulders on formal suits and and soft shoulders on casual jackets. As your DB jacket is still quite formal I see nothing wrong with a strong shoulder.Wise words written here.http://milstil.tumblr.com/post/77839101444/richter-rechter-hoekiger-where-o-where-haveAnd my contribution for today
My Islays have only bees exposed to some mud here and there; I use my Snowdons and White's for the proper, tough work. Off-road boots.Will shoot some update pics tomorrow, these are from the archives. [[SPOILER]] -edit-Some more pics I found in the archives. [[SPOILER]]
The hoggs of fife rannoch might be a good alternative btw at a friendlier price. Some other options on this page http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/veldtschoen-variations.html?m=1
My Islays or my Snowdons? [[SPOILER]]
Thanks again, I'll experiment a little. Cutting sheiko in half is a good suggestion. When is your next competition? What are you aiming for?
Yeah, unlike sheiko smolov isn't meant to be used ad infinitum. Doubt I'd do more than 2-3 cycles a year. Too much for now though as I'm cutting. What got me curious about theNorwegian was dividing the same weekly workload over more trainings. -edit- I mostly train RPT, High intensity / Low volume so mixing things up and switching to high volume every once in a while tends work quite well.
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