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If we get a batch of 12 made I assume the price would be close to £475. Maybe a bit more due to the full bellows tongue.
(Why) Do we want a full leather lining? My ol snowdons are probably my most comfy boots. They served me well again today.
Thanks : )
Some stuff yesterday RRL, Kjobnhavn, ONI, EG
They have the same medallion as the Barrington..... [[SPOILER]]
They have both Ridgeway and Commando. I'd prefer either over Dainite.
On the full-bellows versions the tongue is attached all the way up to the top eyelets.
A full bellows tongue is closed all the way to the top of the boot and therefore offers more protection against the elements. A half-bellows tongue is only closed to half-way.
Yeah, ZUG was a waterproof grained leather made by a Scottish tannery (W&J Martin) that was traditionally used for veldtschoen shoes. That tannery is no longer in business therefore ZUG is no longer available, not the 'official' stuff anyway. The oak wax hide C&J use for the Snowdon is also waterproof but not a grain. Not sure if there are currently waterproof grained leathers on the market.I'd be up for a GMTO as long as a waterproof leather is used and the boot is done...
Lobb ltd who sold their paris shop to Hemes which became JLP did however make the first dubmonks, did they not? As you mentioned the William I assumed you were talking about dubmonks and not buckled shoes in general. Just saying the William is not a good example of a generic shoe that became iconic as its a descendant of the first of its kind, unlike the Dover. -edit- Love your website btw. The article on Tuczek is very informative. A good friend of mine works for Lobb...
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