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Chunky is sexy for casual.
No, not directed at you.
Indeed, in that case it didnt matter.The game was a defensive masterclass from both sides though. Robben was put on a leash as you rightly state. So was Messi though (which you failed to mention ).
^^ Heart attack for nothing : ) In that case 120min went on pretty evenly. Stil not (too) sore about loss, that the way it works with penalties.
Lol, I was sure it was in but got given offside. Things can get blurry in a pub. I was sure it wasn't offside btw.
Hm, I don't like it when ppl just see one side of the story and are only overly focussed on revealing one teams shortcomings. Its good to support a team but don't loose sense of objectivity. In all fairness I don't think Arg's goal was an offside so the final result is justified.
Gratz to Arg. good game. -edit- ah, nobd beat me to it.
nice, clags.
Now why would you think that? I'm already exice : )
Gunn have me some steak tonight
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