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I've tried a lot of variations* trying to pinpoint the variable that causes the difference but to no avail (so far). Trying and re-trying will eventually give the same result but I'm looking for (pointers to) an approach that is less trail-and-error based. *more/less wax, faster/slower rubbing, more/less water, etc.
Whats with all the red ties?
When I'm spit shining shoes I always get slightly different reults; sometimes better and some times slightly less good. Method is always the same. Anyone here have any ideas on what the variables may be? The cloth used? room temperature? When I say 'less good' I mean that sometimes there are smears or micro scratches on the glazing. Sometimes they disappear to leave a crips, clear shine and sometimes they are impossible to get rid of. Tips?
@conceptionist, I agree with what you are saying. The only scenario I see where training 2x week for a competition might work is BB if you had put on sufficient mass and were cutting down on a PSMF diet or so.
Are we talking BB or PL competition here?
^ Nice but I find pull-ups hard/impossible after heavy DLs. Grip etc.
Excellent, @Cleav
Good, looked black on my screen. Navy is better
Is the polo black?
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