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Athletic build + fabric (Cotton/linen?) will do that if not bespoke.Squiggly U instead of V in chest = he is leaning forward + has pecs. Not a fault per se.Creases at elbows and knees are fairly normal (if linen/cotton).Creases at armpit due to sleeve being too tight and bicepts filling out the jacket sleeve.Calves & thighs also seem skin-tight. menswear shouldn't be skin-tight imo.Don't agree that all circled areas are 'wrong' but the fit is not perfect. Can't imagine the...
Quick phone frontcam pic.
I see where you are coming from. This is my first English-made suit and I think I would agree that it would not fit in anywhere outside of the UK. I do like the cloth and fit though; this is an un-altered rtw experiment. Depending on how the suit holds up I may order mtm which would be with 'normal' pockets. In general the suit feels more sturdy than any suit I have ever had.
Looking good mate!
I believe they are £4k
Thank you for the kind words.The first thing I do is probably the most important; stripping the shoes down. I use acetone and a cotton cloth for this. Once the shoes are stripped down the leather will be able to absorb the leather dye I use. If the shoes aren't stripped down properly the dye will not hold. I massage the dye into the leather with my fingers which then remain disgustingly black for several days. After dying just polish. This is also how I did my...
Frida Aasen is your fishing guide?? Well done : )
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