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Whut? Whats wrong with the good oll (gucci?) horsebit?
Thanks for all the thumbs and compliments everyone! Actually its not a knitted tie but a grenadine Thanks anyway though!
Thanks Steffen and Paul. I've seen that Jort and the fabric does look alike, nice suit. This is actually a Caruso from Pauw. [ snob] Don't see Suitsupply doing milanese button holes any time soon [ /snob] The shoes are Clarendon from C&J, Paul.
From what I gather the luxury shoe trees are lasted for 348/358 shoes. The classic trees are an all-round fit that can be used on all models.
Yeah, the Clarendon Latest addition to the family : )
'Ossobuco' with lamb instead of veal and a mushroom risotto.
Islays for outdoor.
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