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Thanks! No mirror shine, just patent this time
Party last night.
Thanks The shoes are these http://www.bensilver.com/The-Cornhill-Blucher-in-Tan,3651.html#.Viyqba7hAUE
If we get a batch of 12 made I assume the price would be close to £475. Maybe a bit more due to the full bellows tongue.
(Why) Do we want a full leather lining? My ol snowdons are probably my most comfy boots. They served me well again today.
Thanks : )
Some stuff yesterday RRL, Kjobnhavn, ONI, EG
They have the same medallion as the Barrington..... [[SPOILER]]
They have both Ridgeway and Commando. I'd prefer either over Dainite.
On the full-bellows versions the tongue is attached all the way up to the top eyelets.
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