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The hoggs of fife rannoch might be a good alternative btw at a friendlier price. Some other options on this page http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/veldtschoen-variations.html?m=1
My Islays or my Snowdons? [[SPOILER]]
Thanks again, I'll experiment a little. Cutting sheiko in half is a good suggestion. When is your next competition? What are you aiming for?
Yeah, unlike sheiko smolov isn't meant to be used ad infinitum. Doubt I'd do more than 2-3 cycles a year. Too much for now though as I'm cutting. What got me curious about theNorwegian was dividing the same weekly workload over more trainings. -edit- I mostly train RPT, High intensity / Low volume so mixing things up and switching to high volume every once in a while tends work quite well.
Thanks for the links mate. I did some reading into the current norwegin training yesterday and could indeed not find any schedules. Will look into these some more tonight. I've done a few sheiko cycles in the past but booked better results with smolov.
Knucks? How many sets are you going to do per training, @conceptionist. I'm thinking of starting that routine too. Looks promising and maybe not as tough as smolov if total volume per week stays the same. Thinking of competing soon but on a cut now and my squats suck @ Aidan. DLs look good to me mate.
I deny everything.
Thanks for the wise works Benhour, lovely picture. I do use water is a way similar to how you describe but it makes no difference. At times a 'thin film' will still form on the toe cap. Maybe I'm being difficult as the difference is barely noticeable most of the time, see pic. below. These are the shoes from the previous page in the same state as they were when those pictures were taken. Here the difference is barely visible. The right shoe (on the left in the picture)...
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