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TY stitch. I like the flannel fabric but not the collar of the (new) shirt. Think it will be demoted to tie-less.
Kick. I have the same problem with trousers as OP due to my chubzy legs. From what I have noticed the durability of the fabric depends more on the type weave than the weight or S-number. Birdseye for example seems to go quite quickly which is a shame as I like it. Could someone with more knowledge of fabrics tell me (and others with this problem) which type of fabrics to avoid? Which suiting would be most suitable for those with our problem? I had a mohair sample in my...
Noted, agreed and the apology is really appreciated.
The beef between SF and DW and their members doesn't interest mee too much tbh. Unlike on the Dutch Stijlforum I'm just a regular member on both and visit them because I like menswear. As I like menswear I visit menswear fora, whether or not they harbour offensive members. Most fora do.In the DC incident I was only pointing out that just because a forum may have disagreeable members it is not a reason to insult all its members.The fact that my posts were deleted doesn't...
Just fyi as my previous post got deleted like there's no tomorrow and someone asked me; I wont be posting on this forum again anytime soon. Love u guys, but admin here.... well...we do't see eye to eye.
Why have my posts been deleted? They were all perfectly rational. delete this if you want but at least send me a PM to explain.
Very true. I always go Victoria but it is a bad knot for this tie. The quality of the tie itself is terrible too btw.
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