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Looking good mate!
I believe they are £4k
Thank you for the kind words.The first thing I do is probably the most important; stripping the shoes down. I use acetone and a cotton cloth for this. Once the shoes are stripped down the leather will be able to absorb the leather dye I use. If the shoes aren't stripped down properly the dye will not hold. I massage the dye into the leather with my fingers which then remain disgustingly black for several days. After dying just polish. This is also how I did my...
Frida Aasen is your fishing guide?? Well done : )
I also purchased the Hartwell recently and tweaked them a little from to Haven't worn them yet but the fit should be familiar to the 363 which works well for me. They look a bit like my Arcas which I also like a lot.
is depiedencap forum still alive?
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