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More colourful than usual today.
Not me, I wear the same size in 325 loafers, shoes and boots.
I like the sandals too but don't think that they would be easy to 'pull off'. Not for everyone. I know we have made fisherman's sandals in the past but have never seen them for sale anywhere.Or something like this.....I'd wear that in summer instead of espadrilles & such. [[SPOILER]]
Post last weekend's trip.
Yes you are, but I'm not too arrogant to learn.
Hm, it would seem there is a (small) difference. http://www.fishpain.com/landing-nets-harm-to-fish.htm
Wow, before looks like they were sandpapered or something.
In terms of price mclean and brodin are quite similar but from what I see the brodin's are too bulky: I need something compact. Thought these soft knotless nets are not too hard on the fish?
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