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Mertz B. is the shit.
Je trui doet pillen! Wel mijn kopje thee verder.
Tbh they belong to a friend of mine. Got me a bottle or Barolo to 'have a go at them'.
Ah, hadn't read that. shame. I'll post a link on the Dutch Styleforum.
I may well be in for a full bellows snowdon. dunno if I care for the faux toecap but full bellows........
Oeeh I like the EGs and the Vass.
I was summoned. Got two more pairs at my parents' place, no pics. (TBC and AS) Whites outdoorsman, fully waterproof. CJ Snowdon CJ Harlech CJ Islay EG Galway EG Galway CJ Somerville
Anyone here do calisthenics and weights? If so how best to combine the two?
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