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Post last weekend's trip.
Yes you are, but I'm not too arrogant to learn.
Hm, it would seem there is a (small) difference. http://www.fishpain.com/landing-nets-harm-to-fish.htm
Wow, before looks like they were sandpapered or something.
In terms of price mclean and brodin are quite similar but from what I see the brodin's are too bulky: I need something compact. Thought these soft knotless nets are not too hard on the fish?
Lucky you. Funny you should say that as mine fell out of my pocket on my way to the river. Only got them a week ago. I'm quite happy with this McLean net to be honest. It is well made and the built-in scales are a nice exta. I need something compact. http://www.mcleanangling.co.nz/catch-and-release-weigh-nets.html What would you suggest?
Been chasing London brownies again and got some nice fish.
I just used dark brown leather dye and after that some dark brown cream. They went quite dark but like with my other Snowdons the original colour will start to show underneath with wear which will create a nice effect imo.The cap is quite different from the Coniston's as it is a faux cap. It is a little longer too.
One more then, pre mud.
Pernilla is waiting on Nigel's go-ahead to ship them as she wanted to discuss the lining first. I volunteerd to collect mine (I'm London based) and post some pics so the lining wouldn't come as a surprize.
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