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is depiedencap forum still alive?
I've just given them a good reno massage on both the outside upper and the inside lining. They were indeed a tad dry.Not a fan of neutral polish; I use dark brown.
Thats just real patina in the making : )
Ageing update : )
Nice! Catch anything? Pics in MC casual?
Very nice, Esp Clags, Betel, AAS.
I like the look of shoes with battle scars more than than of fresh-out-of-the-box shoes however ideally the owner of the shoes should be the creator of the battle scars. On the Dutch stijlforum there is a thread discussing second-hand shoes an whether or not to wear them. I like the look of these but would not buy them in that state; I would have wanted to get them to that state myself.I don't know where you are based but other addresses are Hermans in Utrecht,...
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