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The other day
Thanks, I meant the former. Don't like holes in my trousers after 10 wears.
Ha, that post on the old S150 is one I know well; it is a good one showing that conventional knowledge is not always true. I myself have a S150 which seems to be holding up better than mant loosely woven S120's I've had. It is a shame though, as a consumer, that there is not really a way for me to determine whether or not the fabric I am buying will wear well. What are your thoughts on Dormeuil's Tonik 2000 (Mohair mix) or Smith's...
Yesssss. But what about the fabriccs? Every iGent wanting (to post pics of his) super light-weight, super soft spalla camicias is all fine and dandy but I'm just looking for a suit (fabric) that will last me ages and not blow out at the fork after ten wears. Been looking around but can't seem to find a guide on weave types and their respective durabilities. Maybe its not as much down to the weave as it is to the mill? I dunno. Fwiw I have found my winter-weight mohair mix...
A shame this thread is so old. I'd be curious to hear if there are big differences in durability between say, nailhead, sharkskin, birdseye, herringbone, etc. I don't believe S-number and fabric weight are the only factors that contribute to a cloth's durability. Tightness of the weave and type of weave may also be factors. Is there anyone who knows more about this and is willing to share?
More colourful than usual today.
Not me, I wear the same size in 325 loafers, shoes and boots.
I like the sandals too but don't think that they would be easy to 'pull off'. Not for everyone. I know we have made fisherman's sandals in the past but have never seen them for sale anywhere.Or something like this.....I'd wear that in summer instead of espadrilles & such. [[SPOILER]]
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