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Booooots Moustache
Haha, hadn't even seen the Barbour suggestion.Just the one [[SPOILER]]
Going fishing.
Nice! Trout season has ended here unfortunately but we are now doing afternoon 'casting in the park' sessions with some like minded London flyfisher(wo)men. Its a nice way to practise our casting and meet a few kindred spirits.
Turnbull and C&J are separate companies, run and owned by different people. Turnbull is owned by the al-Fayed family and C&J is run and owned by the Jones family. The connection between the two is that, although invisible from the outside, the first ever C&J shop (69 Jermyn St.) is situated in Turnbull's shop. I believe the shop was Turnbull's old bespoke department before they moved round the corner but I am not 100% sureon this. Because it is technically a shop-in-shop...
Chelsea 5 (in the roughout suede) has had a wax treatment, the Chelsea 8 is made from normal unwaxed suede.
Can you try them on? If so go with what fits best.If not go with your gut feeling.
The other day
Thanks, I meant the former. Don't like holes in my trousers after 10 wears.
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