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X-post Cornhill for Ben Silver
TY!Jacket RRL, Jeans Oni and teh boots are indeed Connies.
Bina while
The transition from upper leather to welt will look different from other shoes due to the welted veldtschoen construction. The "soft" bit on to of the welt that you describe is actually not the welt but the upper leather that is folded out on top of the welt. The actual welt is situated underneath the upper. By folding the upper over the welt like this water can't seep into the gap that exists between the upper and the welt of a shoe with an ordinary welted...
Booooots Moustache
Haha, hadn't even seen the Barbour suggestion.Just the one [[SPOILER]]
Going fishing.
Nice! Trout season has ended here unfortunately but we are now doing afternoon 'casting in the park' sessions with some like minded London flyfisher(wo)men. Its a nice way to practise our casting and meet a few kindred spirits.
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