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Went to Hakata Tonton in NYC last night, which was delicious. You get a Big hot pot and after you've eaten everything in it you add eggs and rice or noodles and they cook it down. They also don't accept tips which was interesting for America. Oh and the dessert was good too.
At MAC in San Francisco. They're women's but fit me perfectly - I have no idea if Mina Perhonen even does menswear but they should as the fabric is amazing.
Bought some Mina Perhonen trousers, absolutely love the fabric.
just wanted to say that the SF recommendations here have been so helpful for me this week! Spent ages speaking to the people in Maas and Stacks yesterday and they are really great. Bought some trousers from MAC and just generally enjoying it here. Thanks for all the help.
anyone in the bay area - MAC has a fair bit of dries in and some of it is 70% off. Mostly in 50-52.
Ronaldo's whiny cry baby antics come first for me
He has a instagram account if you want to see pictures of flowers with captions like "because I was in love" and the occasional fit pic where he holds something over his face. Here's the link: http://instagram.com/mell0wfell0w
ugh to gay jokes. @nicelynice send me a pm, i might be able to help - depends what you're after. Let's talk.
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