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Oops, id go bronze, especially because of the trousers you tend to wear. Buying womens small/medium is smart as the mens are a fair bit bigger in the shoulders.
Chez Vidalenc left (not sure when) and Gareth Casey has carried the label on as Casey Casey.
Went this morning. I liked the striped long sleeved shirts but the collar size was so off, I'm a perfect small and the neck size was at least 17"! The supima t shirts were the best thing for me as they have nice longer narrow sleeves and are a good length. The Womens was better as always but a bit disappointing in comparison to last season.
Eastern Market in Melbourne often gets larger sizes in and they had some older XXL blazers around for a few years but I think they've gone now. Worth a try though.
Yeah what he said! Harnden just isn't consistent enough...I'm slightly smaller than you nicelynice and I range from an XS to a Medium in blazers and in some of the cuts I'd be an XXS. IT's super annoying.
Hi. Unfortunately selling my lovely mens XS Elena Dawson blazer in a green raw silk as it just doesn't fit me right. Excellent condition. $1150 US with free shipping worldwide. Shoulders: 43cm Chest: 49cm Length (from bottom of collar): 85cm
I really like (some) Harnden but have always hated the hats. They never looked right on me (or most other people from the pictures I've seen) and think if you're into classic hats like that there are lots of similar options out there for much less money. I'm no expert as I've only got a couple of vintage Herbert Johnson ones but I'm sure the other side of the forum/manofkent would have some suggestions.
That's a dream scenario. It Looks great and I love the tweed fabrics in the coats. Lucky you!
Great! Where did you track one down?
depending on where you are from quite a lot of the time?
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