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lol, hope you're actually using that @thatoneguy
Nah, the jerkins are amazing. The shoes are by far the worst part as jbravo said. Oh and his fucking music, my ears.
I am sad you hate me wearing jjve and never told me
yeah the tiny sole is the killer. I couldnt be bothered having them resoled but shoe goo has really helped.
Interesting! I didn't know that part, I tried to get the black ankle boots too but Harrolds (the only local shop stocking them) had sold out in my size. I had thought about emailing Andrew McDonald to see if he had any left but completely forgot. I also can't afford his bespoke prices so unless he makes something similar again I'm stuck.
thanks for tagging me fistinyoface. I completely agree with you on his designs, the toe shape is quite pointy on a lot of his lasts and I really don't like the ones I've seen in person. The SFTM collab I have is great because the toe is more rounded than normal, plus, linen over leather The ones Synth posted seem pretty round though. Problem here is there's no-one that stocks them really so a lot of these shoes that might be interesting are only available in his store in...
hope you have fun over there david!
a Specials reference with cherry docs is perfect Also, I'm going to be in Tokyo 2 days after the collab above comes out, hopefully i can check it out in person. That store is right by my air bnb apartment so it just depends on whether it sells out in the first day.
really? Maybe they are hidden from view when plebs such as myself go in
really hate a lot of the fabrics SFTM use and it is $$$$
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