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James Leyland Kirby is an interesting guy! I love The Caretaker stuff but V/Vm is so menacing. Did you read the recent interview with him on the Quietus? I love that he moved to Poland to focus even more on music. Here's a link http://thequietus.com/articles/20970-leyland-james-kirby-interview-the-caretaker At the moment I can't stop listening to this live version of Party.
I ordered TTS and they were massive. Had to send them back for a size down.
I couldn't get into that podcast, I like the Football Ramble and Graham Hunter's interviews.
Football is pretty big over there, with a lot of people watching the Premier League and Champions League. The most popular sport in Melbourne is AFL (I still have no idea what makes it fun to watch after a few years there and I've really tried!) but football is getting bigger. The improvement of the standard in the A League really helps but Australia also has a long history of grassroots football since the late 1800s and then when they relaxed their immigration laws after...
Haha, my nose and ears aren't big enough to get that comparison very often. The one I often get is Hugo Lloris
He got those at a bargain price too
I machine wash mine and they're fine.
Vans have always been uncomfortable for me so this is very appealing. Thanks for posting as I'd have never found out about them otherwise.
Rococo Paul Harnden Uniqlo Comme Des Garcons PF Flyers
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