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Huh? You quoted and responded to my post where I said they're the same boot and now you're saying they're just similar. They are the same boot, made by William Lennon and marked up by harnden.
yeah you just roll them, with the white fabric lining it looks great.
I can confirm that they are the same boot, the only difference I can tell between the two is that the PH ones have metal eyelets where as the ones I bought don't (I have read some stuff online where people have customised their orders with William Lennon and by all accounts it is pretty easy to do). I've seen a few pairs of the PH ones in person and after buying these went and had an even closer look at the PH ones in Eastern Market. I can even confirm that the sizing is...
I've had mono black docs for 1.5 years, wearing them once a week or so and I'm reluctantly (because I now don't have any black shoes) finally giving up on them. They're just too uncomfortable to persevere with.
@Naka you can't buy it anyway as you'd match k and that'd be awkward!
@Naka I need to hear this rant please!
I recently went through receipts/tags and when I saw how much I paid for a pocket blazer 5-6 years ago it was a shock.I have huge issues paying retail for PH now, but I won't waffle on about it.
That shirt in the advert is not harnden and nicelynice don't get sucked in $$$$$$$ ha
The Nandos I've been to in the past few years stopped marinating the chicken and now just baste it in the sauce when grilling and it really isn't as good. Yes to the chicken shop thing in Aus but it's big most places I've lived with a few regional variations. We often get half a roast chicken, chips (with chicken salt) and greek salad and a few beers and then sit in the park. I'm looking forward to lots of that this summer.
Yeah, thankfully the only thing I wanted by pr Patterson was 50% off, I wouldn't pay the full price. Also I have an ED Raw silk blazer but she does cut her stuff differently to harnden with Wider shoulders, which I'm not as into. The wool trousers I have are really simple and nice and I liked the long silk shirts she did a year ago and they weren't $$$
New Posts  All Forums: