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Raw silk x2 [[SPOILER]]
@fistinyoface any leads on other pairs? I have the brown ones and they're my perfect shoe, which I wear at least a few times a week. Unfortunately I couldn't track down black at the time and am very jealous! Anyway I'll post a wear photo (again) soon.
Woah, this is great! Shame about the waist size but I've got a new category to keep an eye on. Thanks!
I stayed in an air bnb in Tokyo and it was basic but in a really good location in Shibuya. The hotels are so reasonable I'd definitely do that next time though as you're (mostly) guaranteed a more comfortable bed.
HarndenFrank LederAndrew MacEnviable feathers....strayaaaaaa [[SPOILER]]
also bought the socfly and love that it has a black sole. Ordered from the end and they arrived in aus in a couple of days which was really great. They are so comfortable and go perfectly with yohji
just cross posting a recent fit as I was wearing all Yohji for once.
Yohji Yohji Ann
lol, hope you're actually using that @thatoneguy
Nah, the jerkins are amazing. The shoes are by far the worst part as jbravo said. Oh and his fucking music, my ears.
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