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haha I had the same experience at Super A Market. Hated looking through everything just to find the good stuff, but it was the only place I saw Araki Yuu so I can't complain too much.
It's likely that they were wearing a Korean brand called 'Pleatsme', which is more readily available and significantly cheaper than Issey http://www.pleatsme.co.kr/.
The hottest glasshouse at Kew Gardens that was the widest single span glasshouse in the world when it was built in 1852. So hot it made my hair curl and fogged up my lens (Comme + Nike).
that front seam too
phew, thought i'd missed it!
There's one there as well as in shimokitazawa? Doh!
@thatoneguyYou could've come when we were there, jeez!
I went to Invoice yesterday. The shop is in a nondescript back street in Fukuoka and at first looks like an on trend Japanese mens shop with lots of Goretex and baggy 3/4 sleeve t shirts. Then you turn a corner at the back and behind a white sheet is a small room of Elena Dawson and a tiny amount of PR Patterson. So odd but not unexpected after being in Japan for a while. PR Patterson wise there were only boots, 2 t shirts, a tunic style shirt and trousers (the same fabric...
yeah both black.
CommeElena DawsonRansom [[SPOILER]]
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