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Don't forget dot comme
Regarding Harnden I am moving away from the blazers as other brands fits me better (but equally as hashtag authentic, I'm sure). Still, the cut of his cropped, knee bend trousers is really great and not something I've seen from someone else. I also love the jerkins, coats and I enjoy the fabric he uses for the print shirts. The first thing that attracted me to his stuff was the fabrics on the tweed blazers, but I must admit I haven't seen the new season yet. Construction...
hahaha oh my god, little do they know how true this is. If I can make it Sunday we best be buying more - there has to be more options than just on Swanston St!
you need a whole bunch of these set up as a portable wind/rain barrier.
Ha, the one time I branch out into navy...damn.
I am! Let me know if you want to hang out.
This place rules, I ate there on Saturday and yep no tip. Still this is great info for when I'm in the US.
thatoneguy - they'd love you here if you did that. Go help George Calombaris get richer...
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