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I recommend watching the 6 episode mini series Uncorked. It does the same thing as Somm but that subject is way better suited to a series imo. I watched it all on a flight I took last year and it was perfect flying tv. Oh and Wine Align have 6 series of blind taste testing up on Youtube. Not everyone on there is great but John Szabo is pretty spot on most of the time.
I can completely understand the frustration at missed opportunities over the years with managers and ex players but I'm genuinely interested in who you, as a fan, would want as the next manager. I was just thinking about possible options and the list isn't long...I guess Simeone? but that would be a big shift in playing style.
This guy was my favourite of the post match fan tv interviews. Saw on twitter that "Bluds win 48-32 to the Fams in a thrilling end to end encounter". If it is Wenger out, who is next? Who do you want? It's going to be a massive change after 20+ years whatever happens and look at Man Utd with Moyes and Van Gaal
Saw the whole Brisbane only getting the full collection and think it's a very odd decision. I'm unfortunately only going to be able to do online so will see what goes up.
Great shirt! Tried to buy one a few years ago but got outbid at the last second.
Back visiting the weirdo Emus on the farm and shortly after this the "crazy one" attacked us. Of course we didn't find out that one had developed into a psycho until afterwards as they're usually very docile and stupid. This was pretty terrifying as they charge you with their feathers all puffed making a drumming noise in their throat and if they get too close they jump at you with their massive clawed feet. Won't be going in there again. [[SPOILER]]
definitely seem dodgy from the tags, especially the first letter of each word and the sizing tags seem off too. 20 bids on that first one too
Love those Superb0bo!
James Leyland Kirby is an interesting guy! I love The Caretaker stuff but V/Vm is so menacing. Did you read the recent interview with him on the Quietus? I love that he moved to Poland to focus even more on music. Here's a link At the moment I can't stop listening to this live version of Party.
I ordered TTS and they were massive. Had to send them back for a size down.
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