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@zayyarwinthein stop loitering at the old bank arcade!
I'd never seen that noodles thread until now and I want the last minute of my life back.
If you can wear that yohji jacket you're bigger than me so this is OK
@KongGeorgeVII did you get that yohji jacket at bruce in melbourne (the nique tee also hints at you being in aus)?
I'm 177cm and I say go for it if you feel comfortable!
@t3hg0suaznHe really does, and if anyone doesn't agree, watch out, he'll get you. [[SPOILER]]
Oi!Ok, it's true
H..hi? Why concentrate on rain, I'm sexy too and look at Mike's tatts (not you Moo), swoon.
Your reaction is exactly the same as mine. I wish I'd bought one ages ago now. Cannot believe the price of all these brands now, I love my local shop that stocks this stuff but I really can't justify retail for this.Oh and the print shirts have doubled in price too, insane.
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