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Yeah like most I read up through "A Feast for Crows", but one of the best fantasy series out there. Wheel of time went downhill around book 5 or so and Sword of Truth series around book 4, but you start, so it feels like you have to finish.
Because I often see them on here cheap really. I have a pair of RRL's that I love and have been wearing to death, and I'd like another pair of raws, just didn't want to get stuck with an ultra slim, low rise pair.
Which APC cut would have the highest rise? I'm not looking for a high rise jean per se, but I'm really sick of sagging low rise pants in general.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you shouldn't post this Disagree, I like the fit, and I find the picture interesting overall
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May First big question has been answered - Henrik Sedin just won the Art Ross by 3 points over Ovechkin. And I'm stoked out of my mind, off to by a H. Sedin jersey now, even though Linden will always be my all time favourite Canuck, the first Canuck to win an Art Ross deserves some commemorating.
I loved last nights episode, but Desmond has always been one of my favourite characters, so I'm glad to see him back.
I'm a huge canucks fan, and I just have to hope Luongo recovers his game in time for the playoffs. In the west I think it'll be either Vancouver, Chicago, or Detroit, I just don't the San Jose ever having playoff success. In the east I actually think NJ will be the team to come out of it, I just don't think the Caps have what it takes to win a seven game series.
Didn't like the first season of P&R, but as of now it's the best of the bunch. Ron, Tom, and Andy are hilarous, the show cracks me up Right now for me the rank is P&R > 30 Rock > Community > The Office
I love reading fantasy novels Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Shannara series, anything David Gemmel . . . I've read most of the series through multiple times and can't but help loving them and wishing for a world where I had magic sword and powers to smite my enemies and solve my problems.
I'd like to say that, I tried superpump250 and didn't find it helped much. I get more of a rush from zero cal energy drinks and during high intensity workouts it actually made me nauseous. Imho the only supplements worth your money are creatine monohydrate, and possibly beta alanine, which I will be trying in a few weeks.
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