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Apparently he pushed her, I don't know if that qualifies as beating, but whatever, shack up with a chick with that many issues, you know you got something coming.
Quote: Originally Posted by Suicmez I think sq has been one of the main reasons that SW&D has seen a big shift lately from an overload of workwear, to more designer focused stuff. I mean, Jet can preach all he wants, but without pictures to provide some evidence, his pleas to stop dressing in workwear and mall brands go unnoticed. Now that sq, Kelvin, and a few others have been posting less traditional shit, more and more people are turning that...
Sometimes I'll say something to someone at work about what the posted on facebook as the comment I wanted to post might have offended the persons other friends I didn't know or something along those lines.
Interesting read. As of next wednesday, I'll be doing a one month cut. Eating super healthy (to the point of timing my starchy carb consumption), no booze, and hitting the weights extra hard. I'll try and take before and after pics, and let you guys know how it goes. I'm currently 6'1" 202 lbs, ~10% bf trying to get down to the low 190's and keep most of my muscle mass. Oh and for the record, I do like getting some of the more expensive food, but can't afford to do it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter anyone else read that title as "gang bang dance", hesitate, then click anyway? Haha I assumed the BK was Bangkok and it was some weird new asian sex phenomena, and I was curious.
For the record I like Shields, and really enjoyed the fight. He was definitely not lnp'ing as he kept improving his position almost always ending up in mount. I just hate it when guys lie in a guard for the whole round, if the guy is able to move to side control or mount and get shots in I'm happy, whether or not they are able to finish the fight from that position. Oh and I believe Shields is better at 170, so seeing him control Hendo like that, a guy who's 185-205,...
Quote: Originally Posted by seanchai Not all; I'm a poverty-stricken grad student who also works as a barista and I tip 20% standard. Based on the number of other service industry workers who have come in and dumped an absurd amount of money in my tip jar out of solidarity, I feel cheap if I do any less. I have left without tipping once or twice, though. This. I'm back in school and serving, on the rare occasions I do go out and tend to tip...
If I end up playing a sport I'm not particularly good at, trash talking becomes the focus. Because if you're not that good at something, then it comes off more as funny, less like a douche. And you're just joking around having a good time. However if it's something I'm good at and we're doing it competitively, I keep my mouth shut and play, unless of course it's friends, in which case trash talking is important as well.
Wow one of the few times a picture has actually made me lol sitting here at my computer, I'm lucky I'm home alone or pppl would think I'm crazy.
This is me two years ago, May of 08, unfortunately I haven't evolved much from this: It's mostly Diesel, which I still wear. Although for something really horrible, here's my first ever WAYWT post from my honestforum member days. . . . I know you guys will love the TR jeans and white sneakers with them:
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