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Innumeracy and Beyond Innumeracy by John Allan Paulos Books that explain probability, stats, and other basic math concepts that are commonly misunderstood and makes the argument that lack of understanding math is a big a problem in modern day society as is illiteracy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michigan Planner Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are not associated with Modern Family. You are thinking of NBC's new Parenthood which I had really high hopes for but the two episodes I watched were just awful. Modern Family was created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. It's also the funniest thing on network TV right now. I like it, but Parks & Recreation is funnier.
Muscular for sure, skinny might work better for clothes, but almost every extremely attractive girl I've known has liked big, strong guys, so that makes the decision easy for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wallcloud Walt displayed a real moment of cunning when he confronted Gus. Made me sit up and look at Walt in a new and slightly more devious light. I wonder if that was a little foreshadowing? I really liked that scene, it was great to see him lay out what he'd figured out, that he was cool with and would continue to act professional, although his driving stunt said maybe that's not what he actually felt.
Interesting read, as I'm a fringe and lost fan as well Quote: But also Fringe has something Lost can never have, at this point — a cohesive mythos that fuses the personal and the universal. I'm not saying that Lost's mythos isn't rich and textured, or that Lost won't bring all of its huge threads together in its final episodes. But Lost long since abandoned the opportunity to have a single story thread...
Especially since back in season 2 they told us that they'd mapped out the rest of the series and knew how it was going to end.
Haha i saw cycling and I thought you were going to ask about an iphone app to track your usage during a "cycle"
^yeah I think it's pretty clear gus is making a play to move up the chain, maybe be the man on top
I seem to be the only one really hating on Jesse for awhile now, I find his character grating on my nerves almost as much as Skylar.
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