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My serious gf's: 1. Met in university, her sorority sister was dating a fraternity brother. 2. Drunk on a bus back to university from downtown, we sang "You've lost that loving feeling" to her and a friend 3. Via an online fashion forum 4. At a dive bar, had a discussion about how I don't believe in dinasours. 5. We worked together.
As Nils said being over 6' and 200 lbs helps to minimize the negative comments. I don't dress as baller or edgy as a lot of sf ppl, and I tend to generally garner positive comments, I think it's because I've really learned to pay attention to fit. Although it took me awhile to get to where I am now, and I used to hear the same gay type jokes others have as well. If you want those to stop, hit the gym and add 40 lbs, all of the sudden you become a lot less "gay"
Yes stupid and annoying, great it's part of the culture, but it still sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb200 Because they are part of the largest muscle chain and by exercising them you are going to release more testosterone and good hormones for muscle growth and fat burning. This I don't believe in isolation exercises at all, and btw I've heard a number of women pitch about guys with "pinner legs" or "chicken legs", women actually like a guy with big strong legs, and a nice ass.
my non-professional $.02 Human sexuality is much more fluid than many people would like to think. I really don't believe that you are born straight/gay and stay that way for the rest of your life. There are a number of enviromental factors that determine your choices and I firmly believe that people can legitmately go through phases. The problem is that because the gay community suffered for so long, they are very defensive about it, and don't want to admit that it...
Fuji, not always a fan of your fits, but I have to say I really, really like this one. And Moo, I'm sorry, but not a fan of the Camo jeans at all.
I see Walt allying himself with the cartels to make a move on gus and take over gus' position.
Ryu for sure, also on Turbo I'd used Bison. Blanka was kinda fun as well.
EC Stack
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