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Sorry if this has been covered, I tried searching, but apparently was not using the right keywords. My actual measurements are 39/33 (chest/waist) for those who end up in between sizes what do you do? Are there certain brands that run slightly small, or just buy a 40 and get it tailored? My only issue with the second option is that I live in a small town, and I'd be worried about taking a nice suit to an alterations place here. Thanks in advance. Edit: sorry for the...
Hey man, I'm 6'1" amd I've gaind about 30 lbs over the course of my lifting. As for the workout routine, I'm a fan of varying it up fairly frequently, as far as the rep range, volume, etc. But in the end as your starting moving heavy Iron will help almost no matter how you do it. The most important part is diet. Eat clean, eat lots, and eat healthy. Shoot for 6 meals a day with ~30+ grams of protein per meal. Typical Bulk diet for me 1. 1 Cup oatmeal (dry measure)...
Quick question about sizing on this, what size did you order vs what you would wear in say Diesel or American Apparel (or anything for that matter) Cheers, Paul
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