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^And, quite fraknly, she's not even close to the hottest girl on the show. You know when E and Turtle have hotter women than you that it's time to step up your game.
Diesel Black Gold Corpus Converse
Google Black Scissors, they sell on ebay, and a lot of members have gotten jackets from them.
Yeah this was the first episode this season that I really enjoyed. "It's gonna be a long day for Uncle Jesse." The show needs to focus more on Drama as he's the only interesting one of the 4 anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 I think you'll be surprised. There's certainly pleanty of zombie stuff, if only to appease those who enjoy that genre, but some of the more disturbing moments are carried out by regular people. The whole premise is about how a huge event can change people. If you've ever seen The Road, you could easily make some comparisons to this story. Supposedly, the author never read/watched The Road in order to avoid any...
I am beyond stoked for this tv series, I may have to pick up a hardbound edition of the comic series as well. It seems right up my ally.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson If you liked Civ, did you ever play COLONIZATION? That one was awesome. Sadly, I only played the original Civ, then COLONIZATION, then I moved on to Starcraft and the Age of .... games and never really got into it again after that. I'm excited for SC2. I think a few years ago I bought Civ 3, and it was so different from what I was used to and what I liked that I never played it. Colonization was...
Another non-baller fit BS AA 501's Converse Side view + additional accessory
Haha I've been the guy's website, not sure if it's real, but it's hilarious.
If you decide you're willing to ship to Canada, I've been looking for straight leg rigid (aka raw) in 32x34
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