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I am still, I think Fox is trying to kill it by moving it to friday. But it's still the best network drama and nothing else on the networks is even a close second. And it's satisfying in a way Lost never quite was.
I can't believe people got their "reps" to complain about this, what a bunch on whiners. I get worse from buddies all the time, you just laugh it off and try and throw it back. It really reinforces the stereotype of actors being a bunch butthurt crybabies who need a bunch of yes-men around them.
Club Monaco Hand Knit RRL Red Wing Gap Jacket Oh and I will be doin a boot tuck before heading outside, it rained last night after a week of snow and it's a giant mudpuddle around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with the boot tucks? I don't either. I'm surprised anyone who lives in a climate that gets a lot of snow or even rain would have issues with the boot tuck. It's just a really practical thing to do, as it'll keep the bottoms of my pants from being splattered with mud and/or snow.
I did Judo and TKD as a kid/teenager. In the last year I started doing kickboxing, moved cities and am now doing Muay Thai at a well known MMA school here in town. I'd say the school itself is probably more important than the Martial Art. I'm not looking to go pro, but I would like to be able to compete, so it was important for me to find somewhere that has experience turning out pro fighters so they know what to do. Check forums like Sherdog and see if they talk about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher That's one I don't get either. I'd want to snap the guy's neck. +1 The thought of some other dude doing my gf doesn't turn me on, it fills me with rage. I think that's one fetish I'll just never understand.
I'm normally a SW&D guy and got linked over here, but I have to say someotherstyle is killing it, one of the best fits I've seen anywhere in a lon time.
I have to say I wasn't a big fan of either Anansi Boys or American Gods, but of the two I liked American Gods better.
Might be a long shot, but I took a pretty solid knee to my liver while sparring tonight and it's been a few hours and it's still painful as hell. Just looking for some at home treatment ideas, pain management, things that will help recovery. Hot/cold treatment? Things along those lines. I train again on Thursday and would like to help it's recovery as much as possible between now and then.
Quote: Originally Posted by connor idk id think the same thing irl. and i dont understand why everyone uses this example because who cares what people that dont really know anything think Because some people who "dont really know anything" have vaginas and may allow you access if they like how you look.
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