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Hhhhmmm if you go back and it's the Neil and it's avaliable in size M or 40R, shoot me a pm, I'd appreciate it.
Bit of a long shot, but if anyone can find this blazer from last fall (Neil model in Navy) in a 40R, that would be great
I'm done clinical for the summer, so I may have some time depending on when it happens. Although, as a student again, I'm not up to styleforum standards.
I'd like to see this thread revived. Maybe things like links to ebay sellers who often have great deals, or like this, inexpensive plain canvas backpacks for $20, just picked up one in blue. I'll let you guys know how I end up liking it.
For a gift for my SO, I try and think like this: 1) Figure out roughly what I'd like to spend 2) Find something in that price bracket that they normally wouldn't spend that much money, but would like. For $100, what does he like that he wouldn't spend a $100 on? Scotch or other whiskey, a luxe basic t-shirt, nice boxing gloves. These are just some things that I might like in that price range that I normally don't spend that much on. Hope that's helpful, I usually...
@OP how did you find them? I picked up a pair of the selvedge non-raw waterless on clearance for cheap. Wondering if they'll shrink up like crazy.
Has style forum really come to this? Blue jeans and leather clash? That is about a classic a look as one could get.
Hey guys I appreciate all the input, when I get it back next week I'll post some fit pics. I agree that the shoulder are too wide. The pants fit quite well though, so worst case scenario I can wear those. And if I go on a winter bulk perhaps the jacket will fit as well.
Follow up to two posts above, I went to the tailor and am about to spend $70 on alterations, so lets hope it works. Here's a quick fit pic I snapped at work: It was 44L, I'm probably a 40/42R. He liked the fit through the torso (I was skeptical of that). I'm in a new city and I did the "look for an old guy with a thick European accent" thing to find a tailor, so hopefully he knows his stuff. The shoulders seem a bit wide. I ended up getting the sleeves and length...
I'm not sure if this belongs here, or if I should start my own thread, but I would like some experienced people to give me their opinion. Today I found this gorgeous 100% cashmere navy 3-button suit. It's made in Canada, but beyond that I don't know too much. It's about a size or so big, I'm going to take it to the tailor and see if he can make it work. I paid $30 for it. I have a week to return it if the tailor can't make it work. Do you guys know much about suits...
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