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look at Iron Heart jackets on
What a dick.
How does this MTO fair on size? I'm a little confused on sizing honestly because my 405s are 11 1/2 and are a little large on me. My 11 1/2 Beckman's are great. My Wolverine 1000s 11 1/2 a little large as well. I also fit an 11 in chucks. So should I go 11 E?
I'm stuck in between sizes.. either go -1" or + 1/2" trying to figure out what would be the better fit taking into account of washing + stretching.
I really like their black cadet Jacket for some reason
I recently grabbed off the B & S, 47' 501s, BJ x NF WeirdGuys, both NWT, and used Barney's suede derby's and Prada cordovan lug sole. Hope these all look as good in person when they arrive.
Does anyone know if the NF Ducks stretch? I'm confused on if I should go TTS.
The Grant casual one please. BTW that photo had me dieing. Also, any clue on pricing? Thank you.
@ NAMOR I want that style exactly. would be 100% down for that.
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