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The deep indigos are one of the few NF I don't own but they seemed to stretch on me fairly quickly. They were snug at first and stretched to be fairly comfortable within one day. I would probably recommend the 29 as I wish I would have gone up a size and let them seem more relaxed than fitted. I did get the skinny guy though. Its your call, I'm just trying to help best I can.
Bump for you bro..
@ TheJer just let them rock man.. when they get so dirty you can't stand it anymore then give them a handwash soak is my suggestion. But you can do whatever you want. I like them tho. BTW The Ducks actually do stretch very quickly.. and the Heritage fabric is aaaamazing.
Actually I'll get those please Jay
bump for Jay ..
bump for a great seller!
Is that dude wearing a Fruit of the Loom shirt in that pic? .. Those are real?
I want all my girls to dress (and look) just like my avatar!..
Actually laughed out loud..
Got my 1947 Levis 501 in today.. they are pretty damn nice. So different than my old selvedge J-Crew 501s and my raw 511s. I really like the little details and how slimmer these fit. Glad I got them great addition to my collection.
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