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Sure was Reedo!.. thanks guys. I tried to backtrack but after about the 6th page of Teger arguing about Steve Jobs I gave up.
hey can someone who remembers help me out please?.. There was a post I think on here about a NYC (I believe).. Duck jacket from a company that has been around about 60-80 years I think and it was only about 50-55$ on a site that was pretty shitty with a bad photo. This individual had a photo of the guy at a bar with it on. I tried to find it but its like 5 Lane conversations and a Teger debate ago.. so I might be like 200 pages behind. Any help please lol.
Called the Alden Shop for those of you that were very confused on the Plaza last like I was. They said its very hard with the Plaza last to know what kind of sizing to expect. Said some styles run slim and others normal width. He somewhat suggested since I explained I'm a 11 1/2 in the Trubalance from Indy 405 that my problem is width and a 11 1/2 E in the plaza could be okay since the length in a 12D might be too long. Hope this helps since a lot of us were confused on...
The deep indigos are one of the few NF I don't own but they seemed to stretch on me fairly quickly. They were snug at first and stretched to be fairly comfortable within one day. I would probably recommend the 29 as I wish I would have gone up a size and let them seem more relaxed than fitted. I did get the skinny guy though. Its your call, I'm just trying to help best I can.
Bump for you bro..
@ TheJer just let them rock man.. when they get so dirty you can't stand it anymore then give them a handwash soak is my suggestion. But you can do whatever you want. I like them tho. BTW The Ducks actually do stretch very quickly.. and the Heritage fabric is aaaamazing.
Actually I'll get those please Jay
bump for Jay ..
bump for a great seller!
Is that dude wearing a Fruit of the Loom shirt in that pic? .. Those are real?
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