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Hey Jay are you expecting any shipments in the other colors of the NF Hoodys?
I think that was pretty cool.. a neat photo documentary but you prolly should have done less wading in waters photos and more fit ones after they dried in different lighting. I thought it was cool tho some people will argue at home salt soak vs ocean salt soak but whatever its all in how you enjoy the process and the result.
@McCurry Try the Chippewa Boot on the J-Cew website. They seem to be pretty nice and people like them from what I hear and at a price point of less than 200$ they aren't that bad. I would grab them but I already have 2 boots very similar. Also the Wolverine 1000 in Brown (Around 350ish I think price point) .. they are fantastic and I absolutely love mine.
I have a similar boot from the J-Crew catalog. I wouldn't say they are ugly..just different. I like them (obviously why I bought them) I just like variety in my boots and an outdoorsy boot to shovel the snow in when the winter rolls around. Not every boot has to be an Alden Wingtip lol.
but seriously.. where can I cop the Jacket? lol
@ Oilpit I own the 511 RAW and the 47' 501 LVC Levis as well and honestly (I haven't soaked either yet) I really just love the fit of the 511s. I'm not a huge fan of zippers on my denim but the fit just makes me like them just a little more than the LVC 501s. The history behind the 47' does really intrigue me tho. I wish they would just add a 511 with a button fly into the mix.
Sure was Reedo!.. thanks guys. I tried to backtrack but after about the 6th page of Teger arguing about Steve Jobs I gave up.
hey can someone who remembers help me out please?.. There was a post I think on here about a NYC (I believe).. Duck jacket from a company that has been around about 60-80 years I think and it was only about 50-55$ on a site that was pretty shitty with a bad photo. This individual had a photo of the guy at a bar with it on. I tried to find it but its like 5 Lane conversations and a Teger debate ago.. so I might be like 200 pages behind. Any help please lol.
Called the Alden Shop for those of you that were very confused on the Plaza last like I was. They said its very hard with the Plaza last to know what kind of sizing to expect. Said some styles run slim and others normal width. He somewhat suggested since I explained I'm a 11 1/2 in the Trubalance from Indy 405 that my problem is width and a 11 1/2 E in the plaza could be okay since the length in a 12D might be too long. Hope this helps since a lot of us were confused on...
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