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People make jeans like the ones you're talking about, just its not mainstream enough to be at a cheap price. If you're going to bitch about the people on here helping you then you might as well keep shopping at Forever 21.
Hasn't the price of cotton also risen dramatically in these last few years? I think I just read that global supply's are down to 1993 levels and over the last 6 months something like 100-150% increase due to Pakistan flooding etc..
the following is a close-up of my crotch: [[SPOILER]] [/quote]Welp, I know what's colabear's screensaver is now..
Hey if anyone is interested I'm trying to sell my BNWT 33 Japan heritages Skinny guys 150 Shipped conus also Paypal fees included. I needed to size up to 34s so trying to sell. Tried on once. Also hemmed to 35" inseem. Leftover fabric included. Pm me haven't made a b&s yet.
Sent another PM
I actually put my Heritage's up there with my collabs because I like the fabric that much but the quality and detailing I would definitely give the edge to the collabs.
I own 2 collabs The Momotaro and the Big John ones. They are a lot better than the normal NF as everyone says and I own like 6-8 other pairs of NF. When they go on sale tho they drop fairly significantly.
Those through Epaulet Shop? Really want a pair but waiting for my Alden MTO to hopefully go through.
Been looking for a heathered red hoody, and still couldn't figure out what Barbour jacket I want (thinking brown Sapper) so ended up picking up a few random things. Levi's Red Heathered Hoody Levi x Filson Trucker Filson Rucksack and Another pair of cheap converse because of a nice deal. Needed some work-wear inspired clothing.. and I still want to pick up a Barbour jacket this week.. no one responds to me tho.. oh well I'm sure Lane will bash on my stuff in a...
Hey guys I posted this a few days ago on random fashion thoughts but didn't get a response.. was wondering if someone could help me solve a dilemma. Determined I'm ordering the Filson x Levi's Trucker. But can't figure out what other jacket to order.. clueless on what color in Sapper or the field Jacket to grab as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Barbour Sapper. I like all 3 colors equally...
New Posts  All Forums: