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I got the O/W and they were too tight on me so I'm in the middle of swapping them out for the RAW ones and doing my own soaking. They look fantastic too.
Juhan they should stretch a little but not as much as the other types of fabric I've encountered. Mine has stretched a little not as much as I was hoping. I initially bought a size too short (IE why that pair is on my B&S) but sized up and think I should have sized up 2. The fabric I've noticed stretched the most was the Indigo/ Indigo's from Barney's.
What is the difference between the normal khaki Rivet Chinos and the Japanese Chinos? I'm not sure what the difference is in the fabrics.
BB1 who sells that jacket online? looks really sweet and I need some new jackets in my life.
Hey Synth what jacket is that again? Looks fantastic.
Anyone get any good photos of the Uncle Otis x NF anniversary pics besides that one of the back pocket with the tag?.. They look like they have a vintage cinch on them in Weird Guy fit. Interesting.
Anyone know how quality that new watch they just released?
I have like 15 pairs of quality Raws I like to cycle through. Granted too much to get a lot of use out of but I enjoy certain pairs once and awhile. Wanted a good way to store them.
Hey does anyone know where a guy can buy (online) some nice Denim hangers? I know they don't sell any specific ones for it but nice ones that work well with denim lol
http://needsupply.com/mens/outerwear/ensign-pea-coat-1.html# What are your guys' opinion on this peacoat? Real leather? and if you guy's have any links to better ones I'd appreciate it. Looking for peacoat 200-400$.
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