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Oh and when I was looking at the nudies.. what are good fits for a semi-fitted nudie (sorry i keep asking questions).. and what does it mean when it says Organic? Does it fade any better? Thank you again guys you are life savers
Thank you commodorewheeler, and IIIrd Icon for the help! .. I'm a huge newb on the quality difference of RAW denim and needed the suggestions very badly. Thank you and I'll take a good look into them I think most of those brands you suggested Icon are in the website. (PS it was your link that got me interested into those Samurai's haha). Are there any other respectable websites to try and find these jeans from besides the because...
Yeah I guess I contradicted myself in my own question haha. I have some timeless pairs in having several 501s and having several Selvege 501s. I guess I just want a more fitted pair of RAW ones that are more of a RAW Japanese pair that I can get some great aging in. I clicked a link to someone's website on here about their Samurai's and thought they looked pretty good. Not sure about cost or where they can be acquired though.
Hello there, I've been a quiet reader these last few weeks trying to learn what I can about your guys' great style and how to wear it and finally decided to post my first post! Sorry I actually don't know nearly as much as some of you guys do about style because my city thinks baggy Sean Jean jeans and Timbs are cool.. and I get weird looks wearing my J-Crew work clothes (I work there). I have a question and I know some of you guys are tired of new posters just...
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