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Hey guys, doesn't seem to be any threads for my question so hopefully this thread can help. I've been on the search for a nice pair of black boots, something somewhat casual but nice. I was interested in the W+H Daytons but probably need something different but similar. I am very intrigued by the black suede on them. I'm mostly trying to find a pair of boots that match a lot of my black outfits (IE Samurai Black Shadow denim, black W+H jacket) They have to be found...
I've been looking for a nice black boot as well, no budget as long as they look great. I really like black nubuck or something dress/casual. Or if anyone has links that would be fantastic, haven't found anything on shoe mart, shoe buy, etc..
Those pics make me excited.. one of my rotated pairs (mostly my bar pair) are my 011s.
Just purchased the new Collabs from Kiya and they look AMAZING. Can't wait till they arrive. Kiya has always been solid in quality and service. Its stupid how people try to talk shit in people's business forums for no good reason.
That is fantastic Jay!! I'm glad to see some collabs coming from BOW. These are going to look great.
yay or nay?
Ordered an 11 in the Light Lownsdale and Epaulet accidentally sent me the Danner Mountain Orig, No biggie sent it back to them and am waiting for the right boot to be sent to me. Mike was great about it when I called. When I tried on the Orig it felt great at 11, I usually wear 11 Chucks, 11 1/2, ( Indy 405, Wolverine 1000 Mile, Red Wing Beckman, IR, etc..) Was a great looking boot too, I just have too many similar style boots. Pretty pumped to see the Light Lownsdale tho!
Hey guys how are the NF hoodys? Worth full price? Also I was wondering if the zipper was metal because they look plastic in the photos. And lastly go TTS or size up. Thank you guys for all the help
how are the woodland jackets? Is it a good coat? And how is the fit for the standard sizes? TTS or anything would be great.
I'm not sure if I should grab these.. I'm confused on how I would make the olive boots work. Any advice would be great.
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