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Anyone know where a guy can find flat waxed black (or Brown) boot laces please? I can't find them anywhere!
I don't see Lane's pic anywhere.. am I blind or did he edit it? .. maybe both.
Pronxs #2 looks the best IMO. How much and where are you grabbing these at?
I don't know if sizing down is the problem. My NF x Momo 1 are fairly tight on the waist but a little baggy everywhere below. Weird guy's might have a different taper? But my Skinny guy's definitely aren't slim fitting on the bottom half.
@Deez Amazon or local shoe store and grab some suede cleaner. I got Kiwi and I think there are some better brands but I don't clean my suedes enough to warrant further investigating. The 484's: do a cold or warm soak with light detergent (non-bleach non-fabric softener kind) if they're that dirty, Hand Wash. Line Dry. Best advice I could give others might have better or fix mine lol.
Yeah man I recently got the RAW 511 and they are one of my favorite jeans so far. I've been wearing them a lot instead of my more expensive and newer Japanese denim. (IE NF x Momo I just got etc..) Just wish the 511 were button fly. I'd go TTS and don't pre-soak the 511 and you'll do fine they look like they would fit you better because those make you look kind of funny, because you're too skinny for those jeans I think.
I hope my steelers actually show up to play this week. My Fantasy team needs it .. last week was painful.
whodini is right paypal is safe for both parties to ensure everyone is protected, just suck it up.
I actually laughed out loud
UG, Out of my size in the Navy Chino. I hope you guys re-stock soon..
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