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The Grant casual one please. BTW that photo had me dieing. Also, any clue on pricing? Thank you.
@ NAMOR I want that style exactly. would be 100% down for that.
Anyone know where a guy can find flat waxed black (or Brown) boot laces please? I can't find them anywhere!
I don't see Lane's pic anywhere.. am I blind or did he edit it? .. maybe both.
Pronxs #2 looks the best IMO. How much and where are you grabbing these at?
I don't know if sizing down is the problem. My NF x Momo 1 are fairly tight on the waist but a little baggy everywhere below. Weird guy's might have a different taper? But my Skinny guy's definitely aren't slim fitting on the bottom half.
@Deez Amazon or local shoe store and grab some suede cleaner. I got Kiwi and I think there are some better brands but I don't clean my suedes enough to warrant further investigating. The 484's: do a cold or warm soak with light detergent (non-bleach non-fabric softener kind) if they're that dirty, Hand Wash. Line Dry. Best advice I could give others might have better or fix mine lol.
Yeah man I recently got the RAW 511 and they are one of my favorite jeans so far. I've been wearing them a lot instead of my more expensive and newer Japanese denim. (IE NF x Momo I just got etc..) Just wish the 511 were button fly. I'd go TTS and don't pre-soak the 511 and you'll do fine they look like they would fit you better because those make you look kind of funny, because you're too skinny for those jeans I think.
Yeah I'd like to give a shout out to Jay as well. He might want to strangle me because of the amount of e-mails I've sent him lately.. but he's given me fantastic customer service. I just wish those Grand Indigo's didn't just sell out in my size. (I've grown crazy about them this week and need them in my collection lol)
New Posts  All Forums: