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Hey guys does the painter denim hold up quality wise? I'm iffy on the 5oz and want a summer jean but not something that will rip with ease. Any insight would be appreciated I have an eye on a pair on sale right now.
Olympic Uniforms
I'm pretty sure the red chinos are almost sold out in most sizes. Mine should arrive tomorrow just in time for a first date. I unfortunately do not have any fit pics. I bought the Oni's and LOVE the fabric but I'm a little taller 6'1 and haven't worn/soaked them and don't really plan to. I have too many pairs to spread the love around (15-20). Btw the fit pics of the red chinos and sulphur blacks is spot on. How is the smell? I heard it can be quite intense.. I'm...
I own the Oni collabs and can attest with Afixed the rise is extremely low. I feel almost lower than standard WG. Another thing to take into account is your height. The Oni's are I believe 34 length and unsanforized so they will shrink in length a little when washed. Something to take into account for taller gentlemen, I'm barely able to wear them due to both of these qualities.
Well... I just pulled the trigger on the Red NF Chinos.. Hopefully I can pull them off. Also hoping they fit properly haha.. I have a couple pairs that don't fit that urk me. (Duck SK, Grey WG, 2 Jap Heritage SK).. damn my measuring abilities haha.
Can you please put up a pic of the sole bottoms. Also do you have the original dyed laces still?
Whodini makes me laugh. Mostly because I enjoy his "fuck off" responses. That being said, do you recommend any denim that fits like the PBJ 011 in a deep indigo? Thank you. I own too many slim straights
Easter I've looked through there a lot but never found anything, I've asked for some help once or twice without any responses. My budget is up to 800$ would prefer more of a 4-500$ range but great things don't always come cheap. Just been looking for awhile and haven't found anything that looks like it fits my style (like no zippers). I really do appreciate any responses.
New Posts  All Forums: