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I own the Oni collabs and can attest with Afixed the rise is extremely low. I feel almost lower than standard WG. Another thing to take into account is your height. The Oni's are I believe 34 length and unsanforized so they will shrink in length a little when washed. Something to take into account for taller gentlemen, I'm barely able to wear them due to both of these qualities.
Well... I just pulled the trigger on the Red NF Chinos.. Hopefully I can pull them off. Also hoping they fit properly haha.. I have a couple pairs that don't fit that urk me. (Duck SK, Grey WG, 2 Jap Heritage SK).. damn my measuring abilities haha.
Can you please put up a pic of the sole bottoms. Also do you have the original dyed laces still?
BTW the Grey Jacket listed above from WvG is absolutely fantastic. Wore it to a social event this weekend and received many compliments and even a lady-friend for a nightcap.
Whodini makes me laugh. Mostly because I enjoy his "fuck off" responses. That being said, do you recommend any denim that fits like the PBJ 011 in a deep indigo? Thank you. I own too many slim straights
Easter I've looked through there a lot but never found anything, I've asked for some help once or twice without any responses. My budget is up to 800$ would prefer more of a 4-500$ range but great things don't always come cheap. Just been looking for awhile and haven't found anything that looks like it fits my style (like no zippers). I really do appreciate any responses.
Hey guys, doesn't seem to be any threads for my question so hopefully this thread can help. I've been on the search for a nice pair of black boots, something somewhat casual but nice. I was interested in the W+H Daytons but probably need something different but similar. I am very intrigued by the black suede on them. I'm mostly trying to find a pair of boots that match a lot of my black outfits (IE Samurai Black Shadow denim, black W+H jacket) They have to be found...
I've been looking for a nice black boot as well, no budget as long as they look great. I really like black nubuck or something dress/casual. Or if anyone has links that would be fantastic, haven't found anything on shoe mart, shoe buy, etc..
Those pics make me excited.. one of my rotated pairs (mostly my bar pair) are my 011s.
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