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What are your guys' thoughts on the Grey Schott peacoat? I've been looking for a grey wool peacoat and think this may fit the bill. My reservations are it looks a little long. Has anyone tried it on or have any thoughts on Schott?
Looks like they pulled the brown CXL high tops and added the #8 again. Happy to see as I backed my size 11. Hopefully everyone jumps on it again to fund.
The brown I'd assume won't sell as well. It's more available and most people who enjoy boots might already have it in brown like I do on my wolverine 1ks and Alden Indy boot.
Love that they released another CXL high Top! Just sad that's it not #8 as I really wanted to order a size 11. Sold out when I went to order. Bring back a small patch of #8! Haha.
Ferragamos but feel they might be too bright or ruin the suede too quickly. I also apologize about the mirror. Cleaned it right after. Thanks for any help.
I agree with the Jap Heritages get no love. I was excited about them and got 2 pairs of skinny guys 33 and 34 that don't fit and just sit around.. ug those thighs. Those Momos look good. Mine haven't faded really at all.. did you notice better results after the first wash? Mine haven't seen water yet. wish I could show the pic.. how do these all leather shoes look?
I'm trying to find a decent pair of Wingtips without a leather sole. Something I can walk downtown or to the bars latenight with.§ioncolor=§ionsize= Was looking at these but was considering adding a topy? sole to the bottom of the players wingtips. How much would that cost? And does anyone know anything on those slip...
Hey guys, I've not been sure on what thread to post but need some help finding a pair of wingtips. It's my birthday and I'm trying to fix a gap in wardrobe (IE Wingtips). The problem is I want them to be dark brown and casual enough to wear with jeans but not leather bottoms (So I can wear out downtown at the bars...
Anyone know anything on these..§ioncolor=§ionsize=# I'm not sure what that sole is.
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