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Hey dude, any update on the distressing of the leather? Also how does it hold up against wet climate? ex: rain/snow I need a pretty low maintenance bag
I always saw them on sale for $15 a year ago. I was thinking of copping them and flipping them, but got lazy. and yes, those are awesome beaters. New Uniqlo jackets are meh
I haven't had a Uniqlo impress me for a long time. The cuts are just getting weirder and weirder. I am however, loving the basic stuff they got at MUJI
Went to my local Flagship (Asia) this weekend, they had restock of UU outwears and UU cords, so they might restock them in NA as well. By the way, tried the navy polka dot shirt, their fit is really wacked, then again it is Asian sizes
Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no such thing as Twlight jeans. It is just some slang that we made up on SF? Google can't even find it, Googles finds everything
Yep UU is pretty much dried up where I am from, so I aren't suprise that US don't have too much stock either. The UU military jacket was on sale for $100 over the weekend, ridiculous. Those converse rip off were only $15 dollars as well... was tempted
Hi all, I want to pick up a nice servicable warm winter jacket for myself/gf. It seems that CGoose is all played out and overpriced. What other quailty brands would you recommend? Availiablity is an issue also, I am in China at the moment. Thanks in advance!
Speaking of cheap flannels, check out this season's MUJI F/W collection, it looks really good. they got some cool stuff
Uniqlo's SNS Herning Clone. Wish there were more colour
If you don't mind the material. Go for the slim fit linen blazer. The fit is really great. I saw it on sale for 19.90 at my local store
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