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Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets I thought APCs stretch like a mofo? Yeah I guess but I couldn't go smaller than this or I wouldn't be able to wear them.
Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets I know this has been asked a million times but how much are people sizing down for the PS? It sounds like 2" from measured size? So expect the waist to stretch out 2 inches? I sized down 2 from the tagged size. I normally wear 32s in other jeans and I got 30 in these (the measured waist is 32 inches).
Must admit that the quality of the denim is astounding. The other side of that coin though is that they are really stiff. I guess that subsides after some weeks of use.
Quote: Originally Posted by fartyg As a follow up to this post, I decided to order APC PS 30 of Tres Bien Shop. If there's any interest I can post some fit pictures once they arrive. Should be within the week, hopefully. Here are the pics. [[SPOILER]] 30 is the probably the right size for me on PS, one down would be too tight and one up would be too loose given the stretch after time. Though maybe NS would be better for my body type. Should probably get these...
Quote: Originally Posted by fartyg Yeah I hear that they stretch in the waist so the 30 will probably be best, even if they are rather tight in the beginning. I have had raw denim jeans in the past that after a year just wasn't wearable anymore due to stretched out waist. Great info, thanks! Edit: Any great deals online for APC at the moment? Preferably with international shipping. As a follow up to this post, I decided to order APC PS...
Hit me up if you have anything of interest! Possible interest in APC NS as well but they would probably have to be tagged 29.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan24 They look fine for a traditional plastic pair, though i feel looking straight on they might be a bit large for you. I would need to see where you're eyes center in the lenses. I would have probably put you in something a bit more narrow but with the same vertical depth. like i said though i would have to see them straight on to really know, dont worry though you will get used to them. It's funny you should say...
Quote: Originally Posted by Qudi I have the same measurements and I just sent my 31 PS back to exchange for 30. I could button the 31 up all the way and there was a bit of room in the thigh and a good amount in the leg. The fit looked okay but if it were even a little bit bigger, it probably would have been too big. 3 other friends who owned APCs recommended I size down also. Yeah I hear that they stretch in the waist so the 30 will probably...
Would like some feedback on these. They are my first pair of glasses ever (haven't had a need for it before). Feels very odd and unusual... What do you guys think? [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 maybe ps would be better, the thighs are very slim on ncs. im a 32 true waist and wear a 30 in ps, 28 in ns. (this is for a slim, not really skinny fit). Yeah, it actually seems that the PS would be better the more I read about it. Probably 30 or 31 PS. Thanks for reply!
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