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I'm on the right
Or both:slayer:
You can tell her that now you need to buy as many shirts as you have pants to even it up!
Up for sale is my Lad Musician shirt in size 46. Colour is dark navy very close to black. It's made in japan and has a very luxurious feel. Fits slim throughout the body and through the arms(Lad is called the japanese Dior homme for a reason). Fits a slim 46. Selling for 120>110>100 with free international shipping with tracking Measurements: Chest: 17.5" Shoulder: 16.5" Length: 28.5"
Hmm you might be right, but then again the general population doesnt have those proportions. What sweater is that toasty? Looks good! Now I'm thinking of grabbing Uniqlo v neck sweaters In every colour. They fit great and you can throw them in the wash as well.
How much is too much?
Shorts and high tops look terrible if you're vertically challenged though
^^The cardigan really isn't doing anything for ya while everything fits good. Really liking the wash on those jeans. Something about those cuffs are bothering me though.
I live in a tropical country where we sometimes get sniggered at for just wearing a sweater. But i say just wear what the hell you want as long as you feel comfortable.
Was thinking about getting those too. Think the white would be more versatile. Do let us know how it goes after you get it!
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