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It's the same, Spanish it's pretty versatile and complex in some ways
hahahaha good one!but I prefeer via e-mail, I forgot the smoke signals alphabet
hahaha, "Es todo bueno" I think "Está todo bien" it's correct
[[SPOILER]] I Agree with Kevin in this caseThe Color is not the problem, it's the texture
I like it but I think the trousers are a little bit short
I think the jacket is too short and the collar (this is something that you have read it before) is not the best for you, it makes your neck too long and that effect it's not the best, that's what I think Ahh.. I like the shoes
Mr Upr :"I will resist the urge to say that today's socks are made of Soylent Green, and simply state that they are a cotton/nylon blend, bought on sale from Brooks Bros. a season or two ago."
I don't know if somebody will agree with me but you can do something with the jacket and a white or cream Trousers... perphaps, it's just my humble opinion
is it my idea or the sleeves are a little bit short?
Victor sorry but, what do you use to polish that wonderful pair of shoes?
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