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I think there are many ways of explain what are you saying and most of them are in a gentle way but I think you cannot do it in such way, I Agree with Flying Monkey. Enough for this season, wait for another one.-Ale
Kevin I prefeer the boring one than the orange
Hmmmm [[SPOILER]]
My God... someone call the Moderation Department please
I don't know but that combo doesn't convince me, gentlemanas you said, you need a brownish color suit for that tie, it would be way better
Nice outfit but as you said shirt sleeves are a little bit long
He looks so old with that beard, Gentleman. that's why he should shave it, it's a suggestion, I'm not jealous of his beard
Hmmm... I Prefeer the Seven... but with those model Boston is just good
I don't know but I think cuff links are out of place, гаспадин Victor. just my point of view-Saludos
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