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Oh well, It depends on what country you're in
Prince of Asturias uses Pinstripe for dates and he looks really good, I don't think Pinstripe is just for Business and the so called "some social occasions"
timeotune: I think one sleeve of your shirt is too long
those hats are not as horrible as you put
are you the same resentful soldier who was complaining about JMasa Epaulets?
You should try pinstripe
I've got these now, little snug but comfortable
they are not that bad
You and Kid should talk as the adult you are, not as children because if I'm not wrong this forum is for grown up people not but such inmature behavior that you both are expressing
why so much hate ? I don't know who is the adult here because I see two children (Both Kid Nickels and Acrid) slapping each other
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