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I've got these now, little snug but comfortable
they are not that bad
You and Kid should talk as the adult you are, not as children because if I'm not wrong this forum is for grown up people not but such inmature behavior that you both are expressing
why so much hate ? I don't know who is the adult here because I see two children (Both Kid Nickels and Acrid) slapping each other
I prefer your old overcoat stances than new ones gentleman
@Zxro: Well young Gentleman you need a little bit of waist suppression and sleeves are a little bit long, I'm not sure about that know and tie, I'm more Trad
I think there are many ways of explain what are you saying and most of them are in a gentle way but I think you cannot do it in such way, I Agree with Flying Monkey. Enough for this season, wait for another one.-Ale
Kevin I prefeer the boring one than the orange
Hmmmm [[SPOILER]]
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