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I don't know but I think the shah got the point, don't post here Casual things and that's all see, Easy
As we say in Chile : "No eres má weon porque no te levantaste má temprano"and here is the translation: "Dumbfuck"
I like it very much Mr! but I think the sleeve length of your shirt is a little too long .o.
No, no my Friend. It's how we Chilean people say "Great" Querra decir Santiaguino Don't worry compañero
English Speakers, Russian Speakers, Where are my good old Spanish Speakers?
with his Wife, Princess Leticia.
Oh well, It depends on what country you're in
Prince of Asturias uses Pinstripe for dates and he looks really good, I don't think Pinstripe is just for Business and the so called "some social occasions"
timeotune: I think one sleeve of your shirt is too long
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