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Perhaps if you post this in FAQ topic
Bastante bueno
Hi there, Why this happens to me when I try a suit? (The second Image and sometimes the first one, I even tried Brooks Brothers suits) and, could be 100% fixed ?
Could be the #1, I even Try BBs suits
why most of the suits that I try have this problem? (The second one) [[SPOILER]]
How about Box vs Aiki jutsu? just a Joke Gent, nice pictures
I don't think so, Guante has better shoes than Cardinale
I don't know but I think the shah got the point, don't post here Casual things and that's all see, Easy
As we say in Chile : "No eres má weon porque no te levantaste má temprano"and here is the translation: "Dumbfuck"
I like it very much Mr! but I think the sleeve length of your shirt is a little too long .o.
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