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Whitepigeon, just wear your cape I'm looking forward to see something more suitable for the cape, I don't like the shoes and the trousers Sometimes here in Chile you can see Huasos walking around with all their Trajes de huaso complete which is really interesting Sometimes we see regular people walking with ponchos because it's winter time here and Ponchos of wool are really warm, sometimes even warmer than overcoats
I Didn't know that Spoo has a Lawyer (ejem... Frankie) He can Defend himself gentlemen
In Chile it's a very common practice to wear really square toe shoes and it's not correct, boy.
You mean Aficionado
Well let's see
I spy with my little eye a gap in your jacket collar
I'm not sure about Penny loafers, I mean, loafers are fine, even Tassel loafers but penny... I don't know. the overall is pretty nice indeed and I think the sleeves are a little bit short aswell
I think it's not about the class is about the education, because educations is not just about Maths, English and Science but being really respectful and conscious is part of that
Where are the Martial arts pics? haha
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