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Why not?
Welcome to this topic bernoulliNice suit
I don't know about the shirt collar in the first pic
Really? I thought you wore ivory shoes as your king does, no? Solo bromeo
few people wear suits here, some lawyers don't even wear them.and now sinnedk, stop with the topic.not because you don't wear a PONCHO (because is poncho, not pancho... aprende a escribir) or a cape you will start the fire again... kid.
that depends on the eye of the beholderwhen I saw the pictures of Pigeon it was the same reaction that I had when I saw the picture of someone wearing a hat or spectators
that's normal, people in Chile should laugh of you guys because you wear suits...It depends on which country the person lives
I see... children... were are the adults?
Ok Gentlemen I See lot of children messing around and I have a solution Why don't you stop of quoting (this includes me) each other about the cape tope and just leaving Pigeon post his capes photos and don't make bad remarks? We are adults I suppose. don't we?
I'm not defending Pigeon but this is funnywhere did you learn how to debate?
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