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Ok, I hope you help me guys This is a BB Fitz coat 38R. what do you think about the fit? does it fit me? Thanks in advance and sorry about the quality of the pics.
I hope this user doesn't get offended by using his picture but I have the same issue with the fit of my trousers Any solution?
Now it's my turn. Here I got my pics of my first fitting (just shoes pics)
The jacket is a bit tight, Org
Feliz Navidad a todos los chicos de Styleforum
In Chile the same outfit is called "Look del estudiante" because here the uniforms of the schools are a blazer and grey trousers
those shoes... kill them with fire
what do you think about Bere Casillas?
I was looking for a new cuffley cap and I found this http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Stetson-M-Newsboy-Cabbie-CAP-Hat-ASCOT-Wool-BLACK-/160728954531?pt=US_Hats&hash=item256c3136a3 then I'm not sure because I've got one which is labeled Stetson not Dobbs is this an original cap by Stetson or not?
Well Blazer is too short and tight and the sleeves are too longundone the first button of your shirt if you don't wear a tie and I wouldn't wear that kind of shirt with a blazer (I hate short sleeves)
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