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As my first attempt was not good enough I'll try again. Hope you guys approve it. Shirt is pale pink but looks white there. [[SPOILER]]
I had to tuck it in, otherwise it could get stained.
Last night I had dinner in a really nice café. Hope you like my combo. [[SPOILER]]
I know this should not be here but, could you please tell me if this jacket fits? [[SPOILER]]
I need help about the fit of this jacket. Please. [[SPOILER]]
Nice and modern approach in terms of the jacket lenght, I like it.
Ok, I hope you help me guys This is a BB Fitz coat 38R. what do you think about the fit? does it fit me? Thanks in advance and sorry about the quality of the pics.
I hope this user doesn't get offended by using his picture but I have the same issue with the fit of my trousers Any solution?
Now it's my turn. Here I got my pics of my first fitting (just shoes pics)
The jacket is a bit tight, Org
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