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I drive the 1.8T - estate body - and like it alot. Its covered over 130k miles and still very smooth. Cam belt was changed at 100k (£300) and i've just had it looked at during the last service and they said it was fine for another 20k at least. The turbo can outgun a lot of other cars but isn't too harsh like a sports car. Would recommend.
Quote: I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they put the R only on a certain amound of tabs because the tab itself is trademarked as well, not just levi's on a tab. I don't know the percentage, maybe one in ten? Wow! I never heard that before - I stand corrected. Hey Super - whats the Paul T book you refer to?
Yeah i'm curious too - they look great but more like 8 months wear.
Hey this is just like SuFu! I get Jets point though, maybe if the OP contributed a bit more to this forum than just using it as a resource for his blog then we wouldn't mind the odd 'can you help me identify..' questions.
Great shots Whodini. Love the wear on the hidden rivets.
Its likely to mean that they're not Levi's but a reproduction. Any more details, pics?
To the OP - how about Tretorn? To and rzi - I prefer not to wear shoes with denim - sneakers or boots go better imo - however a friend of mine has pair of well worn in brown brogues which seem to work. Other than that maybe deck shoes?
London Selfridges sale. Has now started though on limited ranges at the moment. 30% and 40% off Joseph and Nicole Farhi plus some Mahirishi. Sales guys tell me that they'll be a few more lines on sale at the weekend.
Yep that confirms what I thought.
I'm also a Persol fan. Why not check ebay, usually plenty of pairs on there.
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