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I have this one as well! Red is a not so common colour for this Gitman, I haven't seen many shops carrying it. It's a great, washed reddish colour. As for size, I think Gitman fits extraordinary, true to size, and I think it is supposed to fit a bit on the bigger side.
Why do you want to sell?
Still rocking my CP low achilles in white! Have just ordered a pair of sand desert boots, see what all the fuss is about...
I have just bought my first APC denims! Coming from Dior Homme, I like APC's blue colour better and find the fit is more clean. Dior MIJ on the other hand has better quality denim. I have one pair of Petit Standards raw denim in size 28 (!). My second pair is a vintage washed black denim, also Petit Standard but size 30. The black denims in 30 are actually tighter than the 28s. I was just wondering whether they will also expand one size.
Do you by any chance have a better pic of the apc sweat? thanks
I tried that already, flaking it off. But it won't come off, unfortunately. Will bring them to the dry cleaners tomorrow, see what they think.
Curious to try this method for my dress shirts. However, last week someone spilled candle wax on the sleeve of my beautiful Acne dry clean only vest. Any ideas on how to remove the stain? Have heard about ironing, or thought maybe call the dry cleaners. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
You will not my post useful, but I have always said: either a Rolex or no watch at all... :-)
Never been too much of a fan of Tumi. Too businesslike I guess. I have Samsonite Cosmolite, but will probably go for Rimowa next time. It always amazes me how the Rimowa's always stay looking so damn new. My Samsonite however is starting to show its age after two years of extensive travelling. Its design is flawless however.
The Margiela is very nice. Would you say it is more of a winter sweater? Measurements seem to resemble APC size medium.
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