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Got a pair of the olive canvas walts in the mail. Love them! The canvas has just the right amount of body (they feel a bit like the cramertons) but is still quite soft. Also a great colour, should be really versatile. One request for fall: please offer a jacket in one of the grey flannels you've been doing trousers in!!! I've always wanted a good grey flannel suit
I have a pair of Epaulet Walt trousers in dark grey wool. I -think- they're super 120s wool, but I can't remember. However they feel very similar to a pair from Epaulet that I know are 120s. The photo makes them look a lighter colour, but they're pretty well a charcoal. They're unworn, new-with-tag, in size 33. You can find all the measurements for the various sizes on the Epaulet website. $100 plus shipping. Thanks!
Mike, Do you plan on offering any of your Southwick jackets in cotton or linen this summer? Thanks!
End Clothing and Roden Gray have some SS stuff up as well. They've gotten it out early!
For what it's worth, we've been getting the same cold weather here in Manitoba (-20 to -30 before wind chill) over the past few days and I've been wearing the Constable (in a small, which is neither tight nor very bulky on me at 6'3" 180) without any trouble. I've been wearing it with a wool sweater underneath and thick wool mitts, and my body has been just fine after walking for a few minutes. It's true that it's short, but I prefer it that way so that I don't feel like...
A couple of quick questions: First, have you ever stocked Alden plain toe bluchers in #8? You have them in black but I can't remember seeing them in any other colours. If so, do you plan on ordering more at any point? Second, I think you said earlier that you weren't going to be getting any Southwick topcoats this year, besides the tweed. Would you consider offering a basic wool, say a charcoal or navy, just for special orders? I'm finding it surprisingly hard to find a...
The MTO suit program sounds great. Out of curiosity, will it include anything besides wool fabrics? A few linens and cottons would be cool! Also, you were nice enough to show me a prototype tweed jacket when I was in the shop a while ago. Do you have any idea when they'll be ready? It looked fantastic and would be perfect for fall... Thanks!
Thanks for the advice on the belt. I think I will wait for a restock. The tweed topcoat sounds great. What color/s will it be available in? Thanks!
I feel as though you mentioned getting a restock of the brown belts, but I can't seem to find the post. Is that right? Either way, would a 33" waist be too small for a size 36 belt? The page says 34 would be best but, since there's a 36 in stock still, I'm wondering how big a difference that 1" would make? Thanks! PS For anyone on the fence I got a pair of the blue marl flannel last year and can vouch for their fantasticness. Hard to imagine a better fall pant.
I have a light grey flannel suit from Thick as Thieves (http://thickasthievesla.com) that I'd like to sell. Details: -Two buttons, notch lapel -Two flap pockets plus ticket pocket -Three cuff buttons (real buttonholes so there isn't a ton of room for alterations to the arm length) -Dual vent -The fabric is difficult to describe: 'hard' compared to other flannels I've felt (i.e. not as fluffy and soft), and fairly light in colour, but definitely still a flannel. I've...
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