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The MTO suit program sounds great. Out of curiosity, will it include anything besides wool fabrics? A few linens and cottons would be cool! Also, you were nice enough to show me a prototype tweed jacket when I was in the shop a while ago. Do you have any idea when they'll be ready? It looked fantastic and would be perfect for fall... Thanks!
Thanks for the advice on the belt. I think I will wait for a restock. The tweed topcoat sounds great. What color/s will it be available in? Thanks!
I feel as though you mentioned getting a restock of the brown belts, but I can't seem to find the post. Is that right? Either way, would a 33" waist be too small for a size 36 belt? The page says 34 would be best but, since there's a 36 in stock still, I'm wondering how big a difference that 1" would make? Thanks! PS For anyone on the fence I got a pair of the blue marl flannel last year and can vouch for their fantasticness. Hard to imagine a better fall pant.
I have a light grey flannel suit from Thick as Thieves (http://thickasthievesla.com) that I'd like to sell. Details: -Two buttons, notch lapel -Two flap pockets plus ticket pocket -Three cuff buttons (real buttonholes so there isn't a ton of room for alterations to the arm length) -Dual vent -The fabric is difficult to describe: 'hard' compared to other flannels I've felt (i.e. not as fluffy and soft), and fairly light in colour, but definitely still a flannel. I've...
I have a barely-worn Wings and Horns mackintosh from SS2011 that I'd like to sell. It's black, size large, and has no damage/wear that I can see (in fact, the material is so heavy that it's just beginning to soften up after being worn half-a-dozen times). It has the following measurements: P2P: 22.5in Sleeve (from top of shoulder): 26.5in Back: 18in I paid well over $600 in the spring, and I was hoping to get $300 shipped and PayPaled for it (I could also take an...
I got an email about a Seize Sur Vingt sample sale starting this weekend. Here are the details: Dates:    Starts this Saturday the 30th at 11a.m. Place:    ONLY at our downtown store, 78 Greene Street, between Spring and Broome Representative prices: Jackets: $150-400 (values up to $2,500) Suits: $200-800 (values up to $3,500) Shirts: $60-90 (originally $180 to $400) Cashmere Sweaters: $80-120 (originally $240 to $475) Shetland Sweaters:  $60-80 (originally $160 to...
Out of curiosity, do you know when the new chinos/cargo pants will be arriving? I'm in NY for a few days and was hoping to pick some up in person. Thanks!
I just got the W+H Mac in the mail. I like it a lot, but, as other people have said, it's quite a heavy canvas and feels a bit boxy and stiff on the first few wears. For anybody else who bought the Mac: does it soften up much with wear? Thanks! PS If anyone else is looking at them: I'm 6'3" 175 and a large seems to fit quite well.
When you say the same inseam, do you mean 35in or 36in? Please say 36in! I thought I'd read that the 35in ones were a mistake so I was eagerly waiting for a new batch, but I might've misunderstood? I've been wearing my 2 pairs of 36in Smiths to death, they've been great. But, for me at least, 36in is as short as I can go. In any case, still looking forward to the new chinos and madras!
I think you said you were going to get some Mark II watches in but I don't see them on your website. Are you still waiting for them or are they going to be in-store only? Thanks!
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